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PPP Yes, Mail No

When adding a new user, e-mail is automatically granted. What I would like to do is specify a group that when a new user is added, e-mail is not given. An alternative would be removing a user's ability to send or receive e-mail—which I also am unable to find information on. Truly, I'm looking for a PPP.only account.

—Len Elyea,

That's a bit hard to do right actually. For incoming e-mail you can alias the accounts to a dummy nonexistent account called nomail. For outgoing, I can't find any good solutions. If you were using exim instead of sendmail, you could have a list of PPP users in a file, and do header rewriting so that the From: and To: headers are rewritten to a nonexistent user, and then enable sender verification (X rewriting rule) to prevent nonexistent users to send mail. That said, this doesn't prevent someone from sending mail by connecting to a remote open relay.

—Marc Merlin,

Slow Terminals

When I use any of my terminal emulation programs (GNOME, KDE) the response time is super slow, so slow it makes it very hard to work on the machine. Everything was working fine until yesterday. Could it be something with the display setup? I just can't seem to figure it out. All of the GUI programs work normalllyy. Help!

—Todd Ann Carter,

If the slow response time issue is at the login time, you may have a host name resolution problem. Try setting the /etc/hosts file with an entry with the IP address and fully qualified domain name of your machine and the line order hosts, bind in the /etc/host.conf file or, correctly setup DNS resolution. On the other hand, have you tried logging it at the console with NO graphics environment? If you can get into the system, try issuing a “ps ax” command to find out which process is taking up so much resources and take corrective actions from there.

—Felipe E. Barousse Boué,

Installing Netscape 6 on Red Hat

I'm very new to Linux. I need to install Netscape 6 browser on my Red Had 7.0 box. I did unzip file, downloaded from Netscape and put them under /usr/My_Downloads/netscape 6. What should I do next? I tried double clicking on Netscape-installer, but this does not work. What command should I use to install Netscape 6? Please help.


After you've downloaded and unpacked the Netscape 6 tar file, cd into the netscape-installer directory and type


An installation wizard should appear giving you options of what to install and where the installation is going to be placed on your system. Make sure to do this as root.

—Paul Christensen,