Using Tcl and Tk from Your C Programs

In the December issue, we introduced X Window System programming with Tcl and Tk, showing you how to write wish scripts for simple X-based applications. This month, we'll show you how to use Tcl and Tk from your C programs.


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need help

Raju's picture

I need help to run a program like the following requirements:

1: There is a tk file which has a button called "RUN"
2: When i click that button my (e.g ex.c ) c file will compile and show the out put on terminal or open the result in a form of file

I had redhat linux and i working on active tcl

Re: Using Tcl and Tk from Your C Programs

Anonymous's picture

Hello there,

Do you have any other examples? Please e-mail me at


Peter Threreu


Alok's picture


I am in dire need of such cases. Could you please share ?

Thanks & regards,
Alok Sharma