New Products

X Windows System Ported for Intel IA-64, Best Linux 2000, Epitera Desktop with Kandu Genie and more.
XPloy 2.0

XPloy 2.0, an e-business systems management tool from Trustix AS, is now available for secure and remote management of server resources from a single point. Updates from the previous version include the ability to load only the modules in use into the running environment, a load-balancing module and a systems operations monitor. XPloy 2.0 is a subscription service and rates are $39 per month, per server, based on a 3-year subscription.

Contact: Trustix AS, PO Box 1245 Leiv Eiriksson Senter, N-7462 Trondheim, Norway, +47-73-54-50-54,

Communicado Fax

Communicado is a fax suite that combines application-based print-to-fax from multiplatform clients with a multiline server platform, allowing any platform to fax from any application. Features include: broad hardware and application compatibility; built-in address books, fax viewer with thumbnails and cover pages; and forwarding, reporting and accounting capabilities. There is also support for multiple inbound and outbound lines.

Contact: Merlin Software Technologies International, Inc., Suite 200 - 4199 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5G 3Y6, 877-988-7227 (toll-free),;

Interchange 4.6

Interchange 4.6 is a software suite for managing e-commerce sites that is customizable for individual customer's requirements. Interchange is geared for medium-sized businesses and offers intuitive content management functionality. Interchanges software covers product presentation, merchandising, transaction management, reporting, customer management, backend integration and system administration. Interchange 4.6 is combination of the popular Tallyman and Minivend software packages. Demonstrations and product tours are available on the web site.

Contact: Akopia, Inc., 11480 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 200 East Reston, VA 20190, 703-456-2900,,