The Tip of the Embedded Linux Iceberg

“Show me the Linux!” you say? Embedded Linux-based technology is closer than you think.
Internet Access Terminals and Appliances

Adomo Home Information Appliance--The AdomoWing is part of an Adomo home information system product line, comprised of distributed devices plus a server/gateway device. The AdomoWing is basically a thin-client computer system built on a 90MHz Motorola Coldfire system-on-chip processor, a VGA video controller, several programmable status LEDs, connections for infrared keyboard/mouse, PS/2 mouse, microphone, speaker and a wireless LAN interface. It runs a variant of uClinux along with Tiny-X (XF86 based). See details at

Figure 15. And More to Come

With new Embedded Linux-based devices being unveiled continually, will maintain a continuously updated on-line “Linux-based Devices Quick Reference Guide”. Check out the latest up-to-the-minute roundup at:

Rick Lehrbaum ( created the “embedded Linux portal”, which recently became part of the ZDNet Linux Resource Center. Rick has worked in the field of embedded systems since 1979. He cofounded Ampro Computers, founded the PC/104 Consortium and was instrumental in launching the Embedded Linux Consortium.