Ogg Vorbis—Open, Free Audio—Set Your Media Free

Ogg Vorbis is the Open-Source Community's hot alternative to MP3.

Open standards for Internet multimedia are a worthwhile and attainable goal, especially with a high-quality open-source audio codec such as Vorbis.

Just as HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP and other open standards helped change the landscape for networking, our goal is to change the face of multimedia with tools that sound better, look better and work together better than the closed or patent-encumbered alternatives. You most likely use an operating system that relies on open standards and open source at its very core; why not expect the same from the multimedia applications you use?

Please visit the Ogg Vorbis demonstration site at www.vorbis.com or the Xiphophorus developers site at www.xiph.org.

Jack has been programming since he was six years old, writing everything from games to sound drivers, communications software and cryptography. In January of 2000, Jack became vice president of technology for iCAST, which is the entertainment arm for CMGI. At iCAST, Jack manages the open-source technology R&D team who is currently working on Icecast, Ogg Vorbis and a video codec codenamed “Tarkin”. Their goal, which was the same as the original goal of Icecast, is to develop an open framework for multimedia on the Internet that ensures good quality, reliability and interoperability.