New Products

APPX Release 4.1, The Bitsy, The 2.5-Inch ATX25 and more.
ViewletBuilder2, Version 2.1 announces a Linux version with their latest release of this development tool for creating Viewlets. The new version also includes greater stability and better audio quality.

Contact:, 84 West Santa Clara Street, Suite 790, San Jose, CA 95113, 408-792-3800, 408-792-3808 (fax),,


CodeWizard is ParaSoft's tool for the enforcement of coding standards for C and C++ programmers. The newest version includes additional standards for embedded developers, new rules for C programmers and additional compiler support.

Contact: ParaSoft, 2131 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016, 888-305-0041 (toll free),,

Linux Planet 1.2

This product offers a Linux-based development platform utilizing Motorola embedded PowerPC and featuring USB host and slave capability.

Contact: Embedded Planet, 749 Miner Road, Cleveland, OH 44143, 440-646-0077, 440-461-4329 (fax),