FIASCO—An Open-Source Fractal Image and Sequence Codec

FIASCO provides state-of-the-art image and video compression.

FIASCO provides a powerful compression library that is intended to replace JPEG and MPEG for low bit-rate applications. FIASCO is an asymmetric compression method; you get software-based, real-time decoding at the cost of slow encoding times. FIASCO is especially suited in an application context where images or videos are compressed only once but requested and decoded several times (e.g., world wide web applications). Finally, if FIASCO were to be combined with an open-source sound and speech compression (e.g. Vorbis, see Resources), a complete video compression system for low bit rates would be available for free.


@aa:Ullrich Hafner (, has been a software engineer in the software management & design AG (sd&m), Germany since 1999. He developed FIASCO for his PhD thesis Low Bit-Rate Image and Video Coding with Weighted Finite Automats (see Resources) from 1994—1999.