New Products

Oracle PL/SQL CD Bookshelf, EtherLite for Linux and more.
Slam v2.2.6

Stabie-Soft released Slam v2.2.6, a family of integrated circuit layout tools. The latest version adds DRC and LVS options to the existing mask layout viewer, editor and delay integrator products. Slam interfaces include GDSII, Spice, Verilog and SDF. The Tcl/Tk-based system provides user extensibility and includes Tcl code to support major third-party verification packages. Contact: Stabie-Soft, 5828 Gentle Breeze Terr., Austin, TX 78731, 512-825-8914,,


Chilliware, Inc. introduced Sculptor, the first Linux desktop publishing program. Designed to be easier to use than comparable Windows software, Sculptor includes a comprehensive feature set with the latest options in demand by desktop publishing users for creating banners, cards, flyers and more.

Contact: Chilliware, Inc., 3550 Wilshire Blvd., 18th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010, 213-365-8700, 213-365-1150 (fax),,

Dial-out Modem Pooling Client

Perle Systems added a Dial-out Client for Linux to its line of 833 Access Servers. The new client allows Linux-based users to share modems with other Linux, Windows 95/98, NT and 2000 workstations on their network by re-routing data traffic from Linux applications normally destined for the COM port to the server modem pool. With this software, Perle 833 Access Servers eliminate the need to attach individual modems on each Linux workstation in the office where dial-out facilities are needed. This reduces the number of PBX ports used for modem dial-out. The new Dial-out client for Linux is supported on Perle 833 v5.64 and newer; Perle 833IS v6.06, 7.0 and newer; and Perle 833AS v6.15 and newer. It is available as a free software upgrade from Perle's web site.

Contact: Perle Systems Inc., 800-337-3753 (toll-free),,

LinuxMagic VPN Firewall

LinuxMagic VPN Firewall software allows professionals to log in to their office computers from home or connect two offices via the latest encryption technologies. It has built-in 128-bit encryption, IPSEC-compatible VPN standards and LinuxMagic's own NO-WRITE design.

Contact: Wizard Internet Services Ltd., 13595 King George Hwy., Surrey, BC, V3T 2V1, Canada, 604-589-0037, 604-584-0010 (fax),,,

IRIS-Planning v4.2

Bitbybit Information Systems introduced version 4.2 of its comprehensive timetabling and reservation system, IRIS-Planning. Enhancements include extensions to the workload module and new topology and e-mail modules. It supports reservations by means of the Web, and can generate timetables in HTML format.

Contact: Bitbybit Information Systems, Kluyverweg 2a, 2629 HT Delft, The Netherlands, +31-15-2682569, +31-15-2682530 (fax),,

Immunix Workgroup Server Appliance

WireX announced its latest configuration: Immunix Workgroup Server Appliance. This easy-to-administer, inexpensive, all-in-one software integrates web, e-mail, file and print server functionality, as well as the ability to protect servers from hacker attacks. The Immunix Workgroup Server Appliance includes web-based remote network administration, increasing productivity by providing an intuitive, menu-driven interface that scales to technical and non-technical server administrators. Other features include a remote network user interface; scalable user interface and built-in localization engine. It runs on most off-the-shelf PC hardware. The Immunix Workgroup Server Appliance is based on Immunix OS, a standard Linux distribution which includes integrated server components developed by WireX.

Contact: WireX Communications, Inc., 920 SW 3rd Ave., Portland, OR 97204, 503-222-9660, 503-241-5682 (fax),,

ATI2.5-Inch IDE

BiTMICRO Networks introduced its 2.5-inch IDE entry-level E-Disk ATI25. The solid state flash disk has sustained read/write transfer rates of 4.5MB per second and burst read/write transfer rates of 5MB per second. It features storage capacities ranging from 128MB up to 4.3GB. The ATI25 can operate within the temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Centigrade and withstand 1,000 Gs of shock and 16.5 Gs (rms) of vibration. The new ATI25 is a drop-in replacement for any standard IDE 2.5-inch hard disk drives, flash disks or solid state disk drives.

Contact: BiTMICRO NETWORKS, Inc., 45550 Northport Loop East, Fremont, CA 94538-6481, 510-623-2341, 510-623-2342 (fax),,