New Products

64-Bit PCI-Wide/Ultra160 SCSI, ClusterWorX v1.2 and more.
Digital Image Processing

Wolfram Research announced the release of Digital Image Processing, a new Mathematica application package with a collection of fundamental and advanced image processing tools. Its functionality is integrated into Mathematica, allowing users to perform much more sophisticated analyses with it than with standard image processing software. With Digital Image Processing, one can import and export more than 15 standard image formats; use grayscale, RGB, HSV, and CMYK color models; apply dozens of predefined filters and filter-design algorithms; perform region-of-interest processing over arbitrary polygonal regions; and smooth and sharpen images and reduce noise. Digital Image Processing is designed for use with Mathematica 4 or later versions and is available for several platforms, including Linux (PC).

Contact: Wolfram Research, Inc., 100 Trade Center Dr., Champaign, IL 61820-7237, 800-965-3726 (t0ll-free), 217-398-0747 (fax),,

e-smith 4.0

e-smith announced the newest version of their Linux-based communications server for small and growing businesses. e-smith server and gateway 4.0 offer reliability and simplicity in e-mail, web access and other essential on-premise, network-based services at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Based on the latest version of Red Hat Linux, the e-smith server and gateway automates installation and integrates reliable open-source technology such as Apache Web Server, Qmail Mail Transport Agent, ProFTPd FTP Server and Squid Internet Object Cache. The system can be administered from any desktop using a standard web browser.

Contact: e-smith, inc., 150 Metcalfe St., Suite 1500, Ottawa, ON K2P 1P1, Canada, 613-564-8000, 613-564-7739 (fax),,