They Said It and more.

What were people talking about in June and early July? Below is a sampling of some of the hotter news stories over the past few weeks, as reported in “The Rookery”, Linux Journal's on-line source for news, notes, quotes and reports from the field (updated daily and found at our web site, http://www.linuxjournal.com/):

  • Marc Ewing and Frank Batten Jr. selling off large numbers of RHAT stock.

  • Oracle paying private investigators to spy on Microsoft.

  • An oil spill off the coast of South Africa has endangering a population of approximately 14,000 Jackass penguins.

  • Red Hat's deal with Dell.

  • Intel jumping on the Internet Appliance bandwagon.

  • The release of the CVS repository for the XFree86 development source tree—made available through SourceForge.

  • SRO jumping on the Linux bandwagon.

  • Poor Corel, part 2!

  • Bob Geldof's site running Linux.

  • The release of StarOffice 5.2