Software ICs

“Complexity must be grown from simple systems that already work.” —Kevin Kelly

The SIMPL paradigm adds some important tools to the Linux developer's toolset. With its process centric model of encapsulation, coupled with a blocking Send/Receive/Reply messaging, the SIMPL libraries make an excellent platform on which to develop software ICs. We believe that the advantages of this software development paradigm are significant and cost effective.

All of the source code for these Software ICs is available on the SIMPL web site. While this source code delivery method for these ICs is effective as a means to “seed the thinking” it does not mean that SIMPL ICs must be delivered in source code format. There is nothing in the LGPL license that the SIMPL project uses that prevents software ICs from being deliverable in binary format.

This opens up an exciting era is software design. Software designers may finally be on par with their hardware cousins when it comes to managing project complexity.


Robert D. Findlay ( has been involved in software development for over 20 years. While many of the projects over the past 15 years have involved QNX and various UNIX systems, the past two years have been exclusively LINUX. In his endless quest for “there must be a simpler way” he co-founded FCsoftware five years ago. When not working to keep the business afloat, he enjoys spending time with his wife Gloria and their two large dogs at their country home—built in 1860.



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