New Products

Heavy Gear II, Compaq Power Management Software and more.
Heavy Gear II

The Heavy Gear II game has 3-D audio effects and joystick support and makes optimal use of the qualities of Linux in the network. Multi-player games based on rounds, or real time, are possible. A player is the captain of a batallion of robots, equipped with a battle suit called Gear. They have modern technology and high-performance weapons to use in defense.

Contact: Loki Entertainment Software, 250 El Camino Real, Suite #100, Tustin, CA 92780,,,,

Compaq Power Management Software

Compaq's Power Management Software Version 1.7, with LanSafe III, allows IT managers to configure and have control over the enterprise and e-business framework. The new additions help network administrators configure all the networked UPSs, in any environment. The software supports current versions of Red Hat and Turbo Laser Linux in both English and Japanese. Other Power Management Software features include PowerScope; load segmenting; automatic, unattended and prioritized shutdown; automatic alerts and statistical logs; on-the-fly configuration and password protection.

Contact: Compaq Computer Corporation, P.O. Box 692000, Houston, TX 77269-2000, 281-370-0670, 281-514-1740 (fax),

Open Motif Everywhere

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. issued the first upgrade to its Open Motif Everywhere distribution. This upgrade includes bug fixes generated by the Open Source community and SRPMs for building one's own version of Open Motif from source code. Open Motif Everywhere is the ICS distribution of Open Motif, built from the official Open Group 2.1.30 sources. The binaries and sources to Open Motif Everywhere are available for free download through ICS' Open Motif portal site. A CD-ROM distribution, containing binaries for most popular Linux and FreeBSD distributions, Open Motif source code, Adobe PDF versions of the official Motif 2.1 Manual set and e-mail installation support, is also available.

Contact: Integrated Computer Solutions, 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139, 617-621-0060, 617-621-9555 (fax),,,

VXA RakPak

The VXA RakPak is the first rack-mountable tape subsystem to use the tape technology innovation VXA. Ecrix has packaged two VXA-1 tape drives in a single rack unit (1u), creating a data-protection system for rack-optimized servers and storage. RakPak stores up to 132GB of data at a 12MB/s aggregate transfer rate (2:1 compression). The VXA RakPak guarantees data restore based on three complementary components: discrete packet format (DPF), variable speed operation (VSO) and OverScan Operation (OSO). VXA drives are compatible with all major OSes including Linux.

Contact: Ecrix Corporation, 5525 Central Ave., Boulder, CO 80301, 303-402-9262, 303.402.9266 (fax),,

Embedix SDK

The Embedix SDK for x86 is a software development kit that simplifies the development of embedded devices and systems. Embedix SDK is designed to reduce the system requirements, development time and overall cost of deploying embedded software solutions. Included is Embedix Target Wizard, a graphical configuration tool that allows OEMs to select Linux components, identify interdependencies and automate the configuration of a small, highly specialized software solution for embedded devices. Embedix SDK ships with a complete version of a Linux development host operating system. Multi-user licenses are available.

Contact: Lineo, Inc., 390 South 400 West, Lindon, UT 84042, 801-426-5001, 801-426-6166 (fax),,

Gaussian on Linux NetworX

Linux NetworX products are now available with Gaussian 98, the latest in the Gaussian series of electronic structure applications. Gaussian is used by chemists and chemical engineers for research. Users can model chemical systems and phenomena in order to predict their properties, study chemical reactions and apply the fundamental results to their own investigations. Operating on a Linux NetworX cluster system, Gaussian helps users predict energies, molecular structures, vibrational frequencies and other molecular properties in both the gas phase and in solution, and can study both ground state and excited state molecular systems.

Contact: Linux NetworX, Inc., 8689 South 700 West, Sandy, UT 84070, 877-505-LNXI or 801-562-1010, 801-568-1010 (fax),,