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HELIOS EtherShare 2.6

Major features of EtherShare 2.6, UNIX-based server software, include implementation of AppleTalk networking, such as AppleShare IP, support for routing, advanced spooling and print support, and PostScript Type 1 and 3 font server for all printers and UNIX Text to PostScript printing. New to EtherShare 2.6 are Japanese Shift-JIS support; user- and password-protected print queues; HELIOS Mail support for MIME with file attachment formats including base64, binhex, uuencode and uuencode; improved memory management by HELIOS Mail, requiring only 1 MB memory regardless of attachment size; and support for Mac OS Navigation services. EtherShare 2.6 is available for a wide variety of UNIX-based systems including Linux Pentium-based servers.

Contact: HELIOS Software GmbH, Attn: Marketing, Steinriede 3, D-30827 Garbsen, Germany, +49-5131-709320, +49-5131-709325 (fax),,

Contact: European Mikrograf Corporation, 269 Mt. Hermon Road, Suite 100, Scotts Valley, CA 95066, 831-461-6061, 831-461-6056 (fax),,

NUMA-Q E410 and Netfinity 3500 M20

IBM introduced its Intel-based server, the 64-processor NUMA-Q E410, along with a two-way server, the Netfinity 3500 M20. Powered by Intel's new 700 MHz Pentium III Xeon processors, the NUMA-Q E410 is a scalable server line for e-businesses running in Windows 2000 and Linux environments. Key features of the NUMA-Q E410 include high availability, performance and scalability; investment protection; and NUMACenter. The Netfinity 3500 M20 is a two-way SMP server supporting Pentium III 800 MHz processors and up to 2GB of memory. In addition to the new 800 MHz Pentium III processors featuring a 133MHz Front Side Bus processor architecture, the Netfinity 3500 M20 delivers high-speed I/O with the Ultra 160 SCSI interface and 64-bit PCI.

Contact: Shop IBM, Dept. YES98, PO Box 2690, Atlanta, GA 30301, 800-257-9044, 800-2IBM-FAX (fax), code YEF98,,

InstallShield Java Edition 3.5

InstallShield Software Corporation has released InstallShield Java Edition 3.5. Utilizing “Web Start” Wizard technology jointly developed by InstallShield and Sun Microsystems, Java Edition 3.5 expands InstallShield's installation-authoring solution by allowing the creation of a single installation for multiple platforms, including Red Hat Linux. It includes new Java Native Interface support; dynamic file refresh functionality; a silent install feature; one-step support for JVM Bundling; a powerful IDE; suite installation; default project templates; extensible JavaBean model; a new setup design model; and extended internationalization support. Both the full and upgrade versions are available.

Contact: InstallShield Software Corporation, 900 National Parkway, Suite 125, Schaumburg, IL 60173-5108, 847-240-9111, 847-240-9120 (fax),,

NetMAX IA Software

The NetMAX FireWall ProSuite and NetMAX Internet Server ProSuite allows users to secure, connect and share their networks through a variety of customizable features. Both ProSuites include and install a version of Linux based on the Red Hat distribution. The products feature 128-bit SSL and cache storage, and interface with the new NetMAX VPN Server software. The latest version of the NetMAX Professional Suite bundles the new FireWall ProSuite and Internet Server ProSuite with the current version of the NetMAX FileServer into one integrated package.

Contact: Cybernet Systems Corporation, 727 Airport Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1639, 734-668-2567, 734-668-8780 (fax),,,

Teamware Office 5.3 for Linux

The final version of Teamware Office 5.3 for the Linux platform is a ready-to-run groupware product with a customizable user interface and updated communication features. WebService tools as well as server tools are run from the server console. Teamware Office 5.3 for Linux also allows scheduling of meetings, allocating of resources and attaching documents to appointments. Mobile users can access their mail and other Teamware Office services using PDA browsers. Teamware Office 5.3 for Linux can be used on Linux distributions that use RPM for installing binary files.

Contact: Teamware Group Oy, P.O. Box 135, FIN-00381 Helsinki, Finland, +358-0-9-512811,,


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Linux Management with Red Hat Satellite: Measuring Business Impact and ROI

Linux has become a key foundation for supporting today's rapidly growing IT environments. Linux is being used to deploy business applications and databases, trading on its reputation as a low-cost operating environment. For many IT organizations, Linux is a mainstay for deploying Web servers and has evolved from handling basic file, print, and utility workloads to running mission-critical applications and databases, physically, virtually, and in the cloud. As Linux grows in importance in terms of value to the business, managing Linux environments to high standards of service quality — availability, security, and performance — becomes an essential requirement for business success.

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Private PaaS for the Agile Enterprise

If you already use virtualized infrastructure, you are well on your way to leveraging the power of the cloud. Virtualization offers the promise of limitless resources, but how do you manage that scalability when your DevOps team doesn’t scale? In today’s hypercompetitive markets, fast results can make a difference between leading the pack vs. obsolescence. Organizations need more benefits from cloud computing than just raw resources. They need agility, flexibility, convenience, ROI, and control.

Stackato private Platform-as-a-Service technology from ActiveState extends your private cloud infrastructure by creating a private PaaS to provide on-demand availability, flexibility, control, and ultimately, faster time-to-market for your enterprise.

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