New Products

Linux Office Solutions, CodeWizard 3.1, eEMU and more.
Flipper Graph Control 2.0

Flipper Graph Control version 2.0, a significant upgrade to ProWorks' ActiveX charting control, features enhanced compatibility with the Web, increased flexibility for scientific and financial charts, an improved look and feel and greater customizing capability. Flipper Graph Control can now download saved data over the Internet and integrate it into ASP or HTML web pages, enabling management and display of off-site data. New graphing functions were added for polynomial curve fitting, moving averages and setting axis data aspect ratios.

Contact: ProWorks LLC, 2371 NW Maser Dr., Corvallis, OR 97330, 541-752-9885, 541-752-9886 (fax),

RTAI v1.3

RTAI version 1.3 provides enhanced capabilities and services, which simultaneously extend the ability of RTAI to meet the needs of complex real-time applications and make it easier for developers to write and debug them. Available under the LGPL, RTAI now includes dynamic memory allocation, a /proc interface, an enhanced LXRT-Informed (LinuX RT) module and Perl bindings for soft real-time task development.

Contact: RTAI,,

Scalable features application-level clustering and load balancing for enterprise mail and web servers and provides network managers with distributed cluster controllers for load balancing between servers. is available as stand-alone software, as a plug-in for third-party applications such as the Apache web server or database engines, and as a complete hardware/software solution. Features include application-level failover/redundancy, distributed cluster controller and application-level monitoring and management.

Contact: Technauts Inc., 501 James Jackson Ave., Cary, NC 27513, 877-373-7837 (toll-free), 919-388-2060 (fax),,

VCOM on Linux

VCOM is a message-oriented middleware solution for enterprise-wide application integration projects undertaken in distributed and heterogeneous computing environments. Using VCOM, applications can exchange messages across platforms, providing application programmers with an industry-leading, easy-to-use, scalable and robust solution.

Contact: NetSys Software Group AB, N<\#228>mndemansgatan 3, S-431 85 Mölndal, Sweden, +46-31-720-60-00, +46-31-27-50-10 (fax),,

RM1U-AXe and RM2U-AXi-C

Rave Computer Association's RackMount 1U-AXe features an original Sun UltraAXe motherboard integrated into a 1U rackmount chassis. The RackMount 2U-AXi-C features an original Sun UltraAXi motherboard with upgradable UltraSPARC-IIi processor integrated into Rave's new 2U rackmount chassis. Storage capacity for the 2U is found in four front-exposed, removable 3.5-inch low-profile drive bays, plus one 3.5-inch and one 5.25-inch drive bay.

Contact: Rave Computer Association, Inc., 36960 Metro Court, Sterling Heights, MI 48312, 800-966-7283, 810-939-7431 (fax),,

TowerJ 3.5

TowerJ release 3.5 is the first high-performance Java 2 Java Virtual Machine for Intel-based Windows NT and Linux. The Java deployment solution provides an extra level of security for organizations deploying Java-based e-business applications. Tower offers a free 15-day evaluation with full technical support to qualified organizations.

Contact: Tower Technology Corporation, Centennial Towers, 505 E. Huntland Dr., Suite 530, Austin, TX 78752, 800-285-5124, 512-452-1721 (fax),,

X-Win32 v5.0

X-Win32 version 5.0 for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000 computers offers a redesigned user interface and new features, including thin-client access to Linux/UNIX servers. The Multiple XDMCP Sessions feature allows users to connect to two or more Linux/UNIX systems simultaneously; run applications from those servers in different windows on their Windows desktop; and copy/paste data between the Windows and X applications. Windows Terminal Server Support allows administrators to install X-Win32 on a server.

Contact: StarNet Communications Corporation, 1270 Oakmead Pkwy. #301, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, 408-739-0881x18, 408-739-0936 (fax),,