New Products

RAIDpod, iBrow, Eon—The Anything Box and more.

LAND-5 Corporation introduced their RAIDpod drop-in compact storage solution, designed to instantly add SCSI RAID disk array storage for any server enclosure. The RAIDpod holds up to three hot-swappable disk drives, supports all levels of RAID and offers up to 109GB of native storage. Up to five RAIDpods can be daisy-chained together to provide 546GB of storage capacity. The high-performance RAIDpod includes a powerful Wide Ultra2 backplane, offering transfer rates of up to 80MB/second, selectable on-board termination and backward compatibility with single-ended SCSI.

Contact: LAND-5, 9747 Business Park Ave., San Diego, CA 92131, 888-226-6544 (toll-free), 858-566-3611 (fax),


Merinta, Inc. announced details about the flexibility and customizability of the iBrow Solution, its end-to-end software platform that powers media-rich Internet Appliances (IAs). The iBrow software platform is Netscape 4.6.1-compliant and offers several benefits and areas of flexibility, such as multiple CPU chip set architectures; multiple operating systems, including Linux 2.2, a robust Java architecture and software backplane; and a unique remote management feature, providing corporate customers with the option to have Merinta remotely update and modify the content on devices deployed worldwide. The iBrow Solution is hardware- and OS-independent.

Contact: Merinta, Inc., 9430 Research Blvd., Suite 200, Austin, TX 78759, 512-349-5800, 512-346-7062 (fax),,

Eon—The Anything Box

Neoware Systems, Inc. introduced Eon—The Anything Box, a customizable Linux information appliance designed specifically for business-to-business applications. It can be tailored for a variety of B2B applications and configurations including web kiosks, routers, firewalls, cash registers, thin clients, e-mail stations and security devices. Eon—The Anything Box is bundled with Neoware's new NeoLinux OS: a small, secure, centrally managed version of Red Hat Linux designed specifically for information appliances. It can be configured with software and add-in hardware for a wide variety of environments including wireless applications, as a network box or a point-of-sale station.

Contact: Neoware Systems, Inc., 800-636-9273,,

ATX35 E-Disk

BiTMICRO Networks unveiled the world's fastest EIDE solid-state flash disk, the ATX35 E-Disk. It is supported on a wide variety of platforms including Linux. The ATX35 has an average access time of 0.10 ms and 16.6MBps burst read and write transfer rates. Available in industry-standard 3.5-inch form factor, the ATX35 is fully ATA-2, ATA-3 and ATA-4 compatible and is available with up to 18,944MB of capacity. All E-Disks offer the highest levels of data integrity available on flash storage with their advanced Reed-Solomon Error Detection and Correction, which protects customers' data and file systems against corruption.

Contact: BiTMICRO Networks, Inc., 48499 Milmont Dr., Fremont, CA 94538, 510-623-2341, 510-623-2342 (fax),,

LONE-TAR version

Lone Star Software Corp. announced a new release of its LONE-TAR backup product. Among the major enhancements in v3.2.3.1 are several bug fixes, support for long file names, improved RAW Partition support, hot binary restore, improved handling of error recovery when restoring from a pipe, and the -zSYMLINK_ADJ flag option, which can rename symbolic links on the fly while restoring, so they are all relative to a given directory. Available platforms include Linux.

Contact: Lone Star Software Corp., 509 East Ridgeville Blvd., Mount Airy, MD 21771, 800-525-8649, 301-829-1623 (fax),,

Mortgage Builder through Linux

MBSI announced a new platform for its loan origination system, Mortgage Builder through Linux. The Linux port gives mortgage brokers, bankers and credit unions a low-maintenance server that is fast and stable. Mortgage Builder was created with a new generation of computer application software tools called System Builder by Informix Software. It provides users with a post-relational 3-D database that allows up to 1,000 users to operate on a variety of platforms.

Contact: Mortgage Builder Software, Inc., 24370 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 310, Southfield, MI 48075, 248-208-6142 (fax),