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Sender Not Receiving

I am unable to receive any e-mail from MSN; however, I can send mail. I am perplexed. I am positive I entered the POP3 server correctly. The problem is consistent with all mail programs I have tried. Although I am disenchanted with Microsoft, my choice of ISPs is limited here. —Frank Elston,

Any ISP that answers the phone for a reasonable price is a good ISP; there is no shame in using MSN. Try getting your POP e-mail manually. Run the command telnet my.pop.server, where my.pop.server is the POP3 server given to you by MSN. When you connect, type the command USER myusername. Then type the command PASS mypassword. If you receive an error at any point, you will know if you are using the wrong server, user name and/or password. —Chad Robinson,

First, are you positive about having POP service contracted from your local MSN shop? POP3 has several setup parameters; some of them are security related. Play around with SSL-enabled connections and test if it works by toggling any of these configurations. Besides, MSN should provide you with all relevant information on how to connect to their service, at least from a Windows PC. From that information, you can take what is needed to configure your Linux machine. —Felipe E. Barousse,