New Products

FileZerver, AT75C310, Eyelet GUI and more.

Freemont Avenue Software announced the T.Rex open-source enterprise security suite. This highly integrated firewall combines functions normally requiring installation of multiple products. Application-specific proxies provide high levels of security and access control tailored for the application. The CD-ROM is available in a Standard, Deluxe or Professional edition, and supported platforms include Linux. T.Rex is released under an open-source license. Source code and binaries will be readily available to all users, who will be free to make changes. Any modifications will be shared with FAS and the wider user community.

Contact: Freemont Avenue Software, Inc., 1830 S. Kirkwood, Suite 205, Houston, TX 77077, 281-759-3274, 281-759-8558 (fax),,


COM One Services introduced its Videomodem technology, which offers a means of capturing and transmitting real-time or recorded video information to web sites. By installing video cameras at specific areas of interest for information such as traffic or weather conditions, the images are transferred to an Internet server to be viewed by web surfers in real time. When used as a surveillance system, the Videomodem allows companies to monitor work flow, visitors, or restricted/secure areas easily and confidently. Compact and capable of accommodating up to four cameras, the Videomodem kit includes real-time Linux-based server software.

Contact: COM One Services, 11 parc de Marticot, 33610 Cestas, France, 33-0-5-5797-7272, 33-0-5-5678-8478 (fax),,

SNA Gateway

Gcom, Inc. introduced a Linux-based SNA gateway for simplifying web-to-mainframe connectivity. It also simplifies the task of connecting an IBM host with remote computers/workstations on a local LAN. The gateway plugs into SDLC, Token Ring or QLLC/X.25 lines to the host and provides TCP/IP access to 3270 and 5250 applications via the TN3270E, TN3270 and TN5250 protocols. Each Gcom SNA gateway system is complete with a stand-alone PC-based server, Gcom SNA and TN server software (installed), synchronous and Ethernet LAN adapter cards, mouse, keyboard, monitor—and a one-year service/support agreement. Bisync support and API for developing custom applications are available.

Contact: Gcom, Inc., 1800 Woodfield Drive, Savoy, IL 61874, 217-351-4241, 217-351-4240 (fax),,

Best Linux 2000

SOT released Best Linux 2000, the first English version of the #1 Linux distribution in Finland. The boxed set includes a 400-page manual and installation, source code, Linux games and software library CDs, plus lifetime technical support and a free update service. New technical features include extended hardware support for popular Ultra DMA 66 hard disks, multiprocessor support for up to 16 processors, built-in support to VPNs, security-related enhancement software and more. Best Linux is developed and maintained under a GPL license as freely distributable software and is also available on the Internet free of charge.

Contact: SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd.,,