The Embedded Linux Consortium and more.
  1. Percentage of Linux developers who don't care if the tools they use are open source or proprietary: 87

  2. Number of tool categories (out of 11) judged as adequate by 75% or more of developers: 2

  3. Percentage of Linux developers using predominantly command-line tools and utilities: 50

  4. Spending on Linux among the top 100 financial institutions in 1998: $50 million US

  5. Projected spending on Linux among the top 100 financial institutions in 2003: $200 million US

  6. Yearly growth rate between the above: 32%

  7. Number of lunch hours it took Dr. Linas Vepstas to install Linux on an IBM 390 mainframe: 1

  8. Number of Linux machines that can be administered by an IBM 390 mainframe running the VM operating system: 50,000

  9. Number of sites surveyed by Netcraft in March 2000: 13,106,190

  10. Percentage of sites running on Apache: 60.05

  11. Total number of sites running on Apache: 7,870,864

  12. Gain by Apache in the most recent month: 1,388,156

  13. Percentage of sites served by Microsoft IIS: 20.9

  14. Loss in Microsoft server share percentage from prior month: 1

  15. Number of press room computers at LinuxWorld/Spring running Windows: 9

  16. Number of press room computers at LinuxWorld/Spring running MacOS: 1

  17. Number of press room computers at LinuxWorld/Spring running Linux: 0

  18. Number of press room computers at LinuxWorld observed with Slashdot on the screen at the same time: 6 or 60%

  19. Number of people killed by sharks each year: 10

  20. Number of sharks killed by people each year: 60,000,000

  • 1-3: The Linux Show

  • 4-6: Evans Marketing Services

  • 7-8: IBM, Tower Group research (sourced by IBM)

  • 9-14: Netcraft

  • 15-18: Doc Searls

  • 19-20: David Siegel


“I'll say this about Linux: it's the first time I've seen UNIX on the right platform.”

—Steve Ballmer, Microsoft

“No marketing organization can withstand the effects of a community which generates an ever increasing number of effective advocates.”

—Russ Pavlicek, Compaq

“There's an opportunity for China to play a significant role in the Linux world... That certainly could allow China to take its place on the world stage as a software-producing country.”

—Dan Kusnetzky, International Data Corp.

“I'm glad IP isn't IP.”

—Dan Lynch, in a meeting about the Internet and patents


In April, Netcraft reported that over half of the exhibitor companies at the last Linux Expo in London were running Microsoft IIS web servers (which runs on Windows 95, 98 and NT) rather than Apache or some other appropriate server on Linux. Among other interesting discrepancies, Netcraft noted these:

  • Compaq.com was running Solaris until enough Compaq people noticed, so now compaq.com runs Tru64 UNIX.

  • linux.ora.com runs Solaris.

  • Early adopters of Windows 2000 include linuxbeacon.com, linuxanswers.co.uk, slashdot.org.uk and freshmeat.org.

(Note: the last two are parody sites.)

Other items:

  • The microsoft.eu.org home (another parody site, at bero.exit.de/training/mcle.html) runs on Linux.

  • linuxsucks.org runs on Linux.

  • yahoo.com runs Apache on PalmOS.

  • Apple's many servers run on a combination of Solaris, Linux, MacOS, Mac OSX (a BSD variant, still pre-release) and AIX—no Microsoft.

  • While dell.com runs Apache on Linux, most of its other sites run IIS/4 on Windows NT4/98.

  • HP runs a combination of Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and NT4/98

  • IBM is mostly AIX, with some Linux, NT4/98 and OS/2.

  • Intel is mostly running IIS/4 on NT4/98 (although the very personal pentium.net runs Apache on Linux).

Check for yourself—the “What's that site running?” page at Netcraft, http://www.netcraft.com/whats/.

—Doc Searls