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Andover.net and T.C.X DataKonsult AB, publisher of the MySQL relational database, announced a joint program to implement database replication in MySQL. Andover will provide financial assistance, source code and technical assistance to the MySQL team. All enhancements will be made available to all users of the product. More detailed information can be obtained at www.andover.net/ and www.mysql.com.

Linux Support Group, LLC announced plans to open its Silicon Valley Support Center in San Jose, CA. The center, modeled after LSG's Delaware-based service center, will help expand relationships to customers throughout the Western region. The support center will offer 24 x 7 technical support, technical training (LSG University) and the LSG Laboratory, which will focus on vendor-neutral product testing, certification and benchmarking.

VA Linux Systems, Inc. introduced the SourceForge CompileFarm—a service that offers open-source developers a convenient way to build and test applications on multiple versions of the Linux and BSD operating systems over the Internet. The CompileFarm will allow testing on Red Hat Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, Caldera and Slackware, as well as FreeBSD, with plans to offer SuSE and other distributions soon. SourceForge is the world's largest open-source development center, hosting over 2,500 open-source projects (http://www.sourceforge.net/).

SuSE Linux AG, Europe's leading Linux distributor, and Qarbon.com launched the “Linux Viewlet Project”. The project will provide Linux users and developers with a free database of Viewlets addressing a wide range of Linux questions. Viewlets, originated by Qarbon.com, are a web innovation that change help files and FAQs into demonstrations that show the user how to perform specific computing tasks. SuSE is the first Linux distribution to offer Viewlets. Qarbon.com encourages individuals to create a wide variety of Viewlets. Authors are compensated. Detailed information can be obtained at http://www.teach2earn.com/linux/.

MontaVista Software Inc., developer of the Hard Hat Linux operating system for embedded computers, announced the appointment of David Warner as chief financial officer. Mr. Warner will be key in addressing sales and distribution of the company's Hard Hat Linux subscriptions in OEM segments, including Internet appliances, communications infrastructure, industrial control and defense.

LinuxVoodoo.com is a free technical support site dedicated to providing a forum to discuss everything Linux. The site offers a searchable database of Linux HOWTO's, a 24-hour response help desk, message boards, links and more.

Gateway has committed to make a $25 million investment in eSoft, Inc., which develops and markets the TEAM Internet Linux software suite. The move is Gateway's first step into the Linux arena. Gateway will provide turn-key Internet access solutions to small businesses and will leverage eSoft's network Internet service solutions to advance its commitment to small business' growing software and Internet connectivity needs. Detailed information can be obtained at www.esoft.com/ or www.gateway.com

Linuxcare, Inc., a provider of comprehensive services for Linux, announced the opening of its third European office, located in Hamburg, Germany. The new office will focus on delivering Linuxcare's services and support expertise to independent software vendors, application vendors, dot-coms and the region's largest companies deploying Linux or other open-source software. Linuxcare will localize its service offerings for German and other European clients, providing complete, vendor-independent Linux solutions to jump-start customers' e-business initiatives.

EMUmail, creators of the EMU web-mail engine, announced a program that would wave the setup fee for Linux-based domain names added to its outsourced e-mail system. EMUmail is extending its premium e-mail outsourcing program to the Linux community in an effort to help propagate Linux awareness through e-mail communication. For more information, visit their web site at http://www.emumail.com/.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co, Ltd. and Lineo, Inc., the leading developer of embedded Linux system software, announced a partnership to use Lineo Embedix Linux as the operating system for Samsung's embedded Internet appliances. Samsung will initially use Embedix Linux and Embedix Browser in PDAs and set-top boxes. The partnership also includes joint education, sales and marketing efforts for the Korean and world-wide market.

Eazel, Inc., working with the GNOME development team, unveiled plans to develop products and services which will make the power and reliability of the Linux operating system accessible to mainstream desktop users. Eazel was founded in August 1999 and is led by a group of industry veterans, all of whom were part of the original Apple Macintosh team. Eazel is developing innovative desktop software for Linux which will be integrated with Internet-based services and will be released this summer.

Rumor: Microsoft insurance has been hit with a rash of psychological visits for acute orthinophobia, the fear of birds—penguins!

Quote of the Month: “We don't want to be another Netscape,” Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com in an interview with Tim O'Reilly.

Web site of the Month: Help SETI look for ET. Sign up at http://setiathome.berkely.edu/, then join the Linux JournalReaders' group.

Factoid: LJ Assistant Editor poses nude for cover of Python Supplement.

Factoid: Guido van Rossum's favorite TV show of all time: “Monty Python's Flying Circus”.