LJ readers sound off.
Revisiting the ORB

The Castlewood Orb removable disk drive was reviewed in LJ's December issue. I was intrigued, despite the reported slow speed; I figured there must be a faster SCSI model. In fact, they no longer make the parallel port version you reviewed. It's available as external SCSI or USB, or internal SCSI or ATAPI. I purchased an external SCSI model and I can report the following: I measured write speed at over 3000KB/sec, and hdparm reports reading speed at 8.3MB/sec. Being SCSI, it is trivial to create a Linux-native file system on it and mount it. All and all, I'm very satisfied with my Orb 2.2.

—Peter S. Galbraith GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

I Want My Quicken

You know, I'd love to be using Linux full-time as my home desktop OS, but until it can run Quicken and TurboTax, it's a dead issue. In the meantime, it runs great as my home server...

—Jerry Mooth jerrymoo@yahoo.com