New Products

IQ2 NetCONNECT, OpenLinux eServer 2.3, CommuniGate Pro, Super-Symmetric Dynamic Cluster Version and more.
Linux End-to-End Security Solution

JAWS Technologies Inc. announced a commercially available end-to-end enterprise security solution for Linux. The new Linux-based products and services offer secure remote data storage capabilities and JAWS' proprietary data encryption products including XMail, L5 Encryption for the Desktop and an upcoming gateway server-based solution for encrypting corporate e-mail.

Contact: JAWS Technologies, 1013-17th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2T 0A7, Canada, 888-301-5297, 403-508-5058 (fax),,

JetForm Central for Linux

JetForm Corporation introduced JetForm Central for Linux, an electronic document output solution for producing e-business documents from existing line-of-business applications such as ERP, financial services and government systems. Linux users have control over document data and access to alternative output capabilities including web, e-mail, fax, PDF and print. Key features include distributed output capabilities, dynamic data-driven document generation, graphical design and powerful, flexible output.

Contact: JetForm Corporation, 560 Rochester Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 5K2, Canada, 800-538-3676,,

JWAVE version 3.0

Visual Numerics announced JWAVE 3.0, a client/server solution that uses Sun Microsystems' Java components to rapidly develop and deploy applications across an enterprise via the Internet or an intranet. These applications are 100% pure Java and let users perform numerical analysis and visual interpretation of large, complex datasets. JWAVE 3.0 includes 76 new functions from the IMSL C Numerical Library, and a comprehensive set of more than 300 pre-built mathematical and statistical analysis functions written in C which can be embedded directly into data analysis applications.

Contact: Visual Numerics, Inc., 5775 Flatiron Parkway, Suite 220, Boulder, CO 80301, 303-939-8797, 303-245-5300 (fax),


Lantronix announced its free RTEL software utility with support for Linux. The Lantronix RTEL application creates a virtual device in the Linux device directory, allowing the Linux server to believe it is printing to a local printer. RTEL transparently passes print jobs over the network to any printer connected by a Lantronix print server, with all information intact. It can be combined with Samba to allow Linux servers to seamlessly spool and manage print jobs from Microsoft Windows clients.

Contact: Lantronix, 15353 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618, 800-422-7055, 949-450-7232 (fax),,

Japanese WordMage v5.7

Lava Software began shipping Japanese WordMage v5.7, a complete low-cost Japanese study aid/application suite for Linux and others operating systems. Many features also support the extended European, Cyrillic and Greek character sets. It offers nine highly integrated applications including a multilingual word processor, an HTML web page editor/viewer, various study systems with authoring abilities, a powerful Kanji reference dictionary, a grammar library builder and a text translation aid.

Contact: Lava Software Pty. Ltd., GPO Box 215, Adelaide 5001, Australia, +61-8-8235-0003, +61-8-8235-0668 (fax),,

TotalView 4.0 Parallel Debugger

Etnus began shipping TotalView 4.0, a parallel debugger which supports multiple development platforms for both UNIX and Linux. The GUI-based, single- and multi-process debugger shortens development time via an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use “select-and-dive” approach. TotalView enables developers to unravel and control multiple threads and processes running on single or multiple processor systems. The debugger automatically acquires related processes and threads and graphically displays data arrays.

Contact: Etnus, 111 Speen Street, Framingham, MA 01701-2090, 508-875-3030, 508-875-1517 (fax),,