Commodore 64 Game Emulation

There must have been some magic in that old grey box...


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The easiest way to get this running on Ubuntu Linux is to use the aptitude system, type:
sudo apt-get install vice

then type

to run the c64 part of vice.

The C64

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Back in the day, the C64 was my computer of choice. Sure, I played games on it. But, I really used it for mostly Productivity applications. I had a LOT of money invested in software/hardware, but I finally gave in and went with a DOS machine in 1993.

I was fortunate to find an emulator (C64S Miha Peternel) and instructions/software to build a simple cable and transfer ALL my C64 software over to .D64 format. Titles like Doodle!, The Print Shop and PS Companion, Newsroom, VideoByte digitizer, 1MB RAM expander, ALL the GEOS software, and much more.

I've even been able to find all the programs I _wished_ I had back in the 80's on the internet over the past 15 years or so. Cartridges as well!!

VICE for Windows is now my emulator of choice. It emulates most of Commodore's hardware.. 1531 mouse, 1571/1581 drives, expanded RAM, etc. A GREAT piece of software! I use v1.10 - I've found subsequent versions unstable... anyone else?

Anyway, I will ALWAYS have a C64!