Shell Functions and Path Variables, Part 3

A continuation of our introduction to path variables and elements.

UNIX can present a bewildering array of tools and techniques, and it's almost impossible for any individual to be intimately familiar with all of them. In my experience, the best developers carry around a large bag of simple but useful techniques and are able to combine them rapidly into a working solution. You don't need to know every detail of every tool to do useful work, but you do need a bag of tricks you understand.

Please feel free to use any of the ideas I've described in this series. You can get a hold of the source code to the shell functions from Let me know if you find any bugs, would like a new feature added, or make an improvement.

Stephen Collyer ( is a freelance software developer working in the UK. His interests include scripting languages and distributed and thread-based systems. Occasionally, he finds the time to talk to his wife and two remarkably attractive and highly intelligent children.



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Source Code Availability - pathfunc.tgz

Rick Lantaigne's picture

Great article! Can the code be made available?? Email will do.

Where's the source code?

Anonymous's picture

The ftp link at the end is password protected. Shouldn't it be open to the public?