Readers sound off.
Wrong Earl

“Distribution Watch” by Jason Kroll in “upFRONT”, January 2000, was a most enlightening article. However, the given URL appeared to be www.khaOS.org, while it's actually www.kha0S.org (note the O/0). The former URL, which I assumed was correct upon reading, directed me to “Diario El Mundo del siglo XXI”, which I was able to infer through my minimal knowledge of the Spanish language was not KhaOS's web site. Though I found the “Diario El Mundo del siglo XXI” most singularly intriguing, it would be appreciated if your URLs were a tad clearer.

—Auknight Colather auknight@postmark.net

Sorry about that. Depending on the font, a capital O and a zero can be difficult to distinguish —Editor

Light Up the Bat Signal

I really enjoyed your interview with Linus in the November issue of Linux Journal. How refreshing to read about a famous person who is normal and intelligent! I love the questions you chose to ask, as well as the cover title you chose—very humorous.

—Kimberly Guardino kimberly@zna.com

Lydia Kinata came up with the “Linus is Batman” cover. We like it too —Editor

Thanks for the Magazines

I am writing to you to say thank you for the copies of Linux Journal you have sent to me. I am a researcher and computer programmer at the Higher Politechnical Institute J.A.E. of Havana (ISPJAE) and specialize in writing programs for industrial use (most in Delphi).

We are not familiar with UNIX systems, because these are not very common in this country. In my university, only a few people have installed Linux, and some communication servers run UNIX.

Most people have Windows 95, 98 or NT. In our country, it is easier to find an installation CD for Windows than one for Linux, and most available programs are for the Windows platform. Finally, at the universities and almost all over the country, no one has to register and pay for Windows (I do not know what will happen with this situation in the future). Therefore, people don't have to worry about cost, and Linux being freely available is not a factor in decision making.

Nevertheless, I have installed Linux (not without some hardware problems) on my computer and find it very nice and powerful.

Anyway, thank you again for the journals. They were very interesting.

—Melvin Ayalajre yes@ceis.ispjae.edu.cu