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Adobe Systems announced its initial support for Linux. In the first quarter of 2000, Adobe is offering a Linux version of Adobe Acrobat Distiller software. A beta version of Adobe FrameMaker software for Linux can be downloaded from the Adobe.com web site.

The Jan III Sobieski Hotel (Poland) announced that its official operating system is Linux and its office suite is StarOffice. The installed software includes various releases from Linux, Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake, LX router, StarOffice, HS Partner and others.

Sangoma announced in December that it is involved in a reverse takeover of Inlet Devices Corporation, a public company registered on the Canadian Venture Exchange (CSV). Details can be found in the entries for Inlet on the SEDAR web site at http://www.sedar.com/.

Bitstream Inc. and Corel Corporation announced that Corel has licensed a Linux font server currently being developed by Bitstream. Corel and S3 Incorporated's Professional Graphics Division announced a partnership to deliver 2-D/3-D graphics to the Linux desktop. Corel and Creative Technology Ltd. announced an agreement that will advance the development of Linux applications for high-quality audio and video. Corel also announced it has acquired an ownership stake in LinuxForce Inc. of Philadelphia. LinuxForce delivers a full range of technical services and support for Linux, allowing Corel to deliver end-to-end Linux solutions.

Eicon Technology, a worldwide provider of remote access products, announced the release of Linux drivers for its PCI bus ISDN server adapters, the DIVA Server BRI-2M and the DIVA Server PRI-23M. The new drivers will work with Caldera's OpenLinux 2.3, Red Hat Linux 6.0 and SuSE Linux 6.2.

Development has begun on a free open-source Linux Firewalling System. Home page is located at http://www.sinusfirewall.org/. This firewall works with kernels 2.2.x and supports NAT. It has a configuration and management graphical interface written in Java.

LinuxBusiness.com aims to build a huge repository of different ways to use Linux in corporate environments. If you use Linux in your corporation or belong to a service company that has deployed Linux solutions for customers, please post your detailed comments at www.linuxbusiness.com/en/bizform.html.

Hewlett-Packard has stepped up efforts to make Linux compatible with its most powerful processors. HP has retained a Linux consultancy, the Puffin Group, to ensure Linux runs on its advanced, 64-bit PA-RISC chips in the first half of this year. A 32-bit version of Linux for the PA-RISC chip architecture is ready now.

StarBurst Software announced that its product OmniCast, content distribution management software, now supports the Linux operating system. StarBurst's OmniCast is like a multicast mimicker, sending content over satellite, terrestrial and the Internet without any changes to the customer's network.

Digital Media Online, a developer of web-based vertical communities for the digital media market, announced the launch of the first Internet community for professional content creators working on Linux-based systems at http://www.CreativeLinux.com/.

A training partnership has been established between Linuxcare and Wave Technologies. Wave Technologies will now be delivering Authorized Linuxcare training courses to prepare participants for certification.

O'Reilly & Associates is leading a discussion of open source's impact on publishing. O'Reilly editor Andy Oram is hosting a web conference that examines how the Open Source community and professional publishers can use the principles and practices of open-source development to create technical documentation. Join the conference at http://forums.oreilly.com/~publishing/.

QLogic Corp., a provider of Fibre Channel host bus adapters and SCSI connectivity solutions, announced full, optimized support for the Linux operating system on its QLA2100 and QLA2200 series Fibre Channel host bus adapters as well as its Ultra3 and Ultra2 SCSI host bus adapters.

TSCentral has set up an on-line directory of Linux event- and training-related resources. You can find out more by visiting http://www.linux.tscentral.com/.

SuSE announced a beta version of SuSE Linux 6.3 for the Macintosh PowerPC at MacWorld in San Francisco, with sales release planned for spring. Based on the current version of SuSE Linux, this version includes all open-source software found in the Intel version and is identical in use and administration to other SuSE Linux versions. A free test CD can be obtained by contacting SuSE, or software can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.suse.com/.

Inprise Corporation announced it is open sourcing InterBase 6, the new version of its SQL database. InterBase will be released in open-source form for multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows NT and Solaris during the first part of this year.

Simon Phipps, IBM Corporation's chief Java and XML evangelist, will kick off the O'Reilly Java Conference on March 27-30, 2000 in Santa Clara, CA. The O'Reilly Java Conference is an intensely technical four-day conference for Java programmers. See http://conferences.oreilly.com/java/speakers/.

IDG World Expo announced that The XFree86 Project, Inc. is the recipient of the February 2000 IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award. IDG Chairman and Founder Patrick J. McGovern and Linux creator Linus Torvalds will present the $25,000 award at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, following Torvalds' keynote address on Wednesday, February 2, 2000 at the Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY.