New Products

AVP for Linux/FreeBSD UNIX, API PowerRAC Chassis 320, ODBC-ODBC Bridge and more.
System Manager in a Box v1.0

PegaSoft announced the release of System Manager in a Box (SMiaB) v1.0. A multipurpose system administration tool, SMiaB offers tuning suggestions, locates configuration problems, monitors system activity and provides job control. Using artificial intelligence techniques, SMiaB can perform more than 2000 system checks—finding configuration mistakes, security loopholes and missing files—then report files which have problems and affected systems. Version 1.0 has been tested for Caldera 2.2, Mandrake 6.0, Red Hat 6.0, SuSE 5.3 and 6.1 and Slackware 4.0.

Contact: PegaSoft Canada, 2631 Honsberger Ave., Jordan Station, ON L0R 1S0, Canada,,

PGI Workstation 3.1

The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI) announced the availability of PGI Workstation 3.1, the latest release of the company's suite of parallel FORTRAN, C and C++ compilers and tools. PGI Workstation 3.1 is supported on Intel processor-based workstations, servers and clusters running Linux, Solaris86 and NT. Among its included components are High Performance FORTRAN, OpenMP Parallel FORTRAN 77, OpenMP Parallel ANSI C and OpenMP Parallel C++ (Linux/Solaris86 only).

Contact: PGI, 9150 SW Pioneer Ct., Suite H, Wilsonville, OR 97070, 503-682-2637 (fax),,

Quick Restore 2.6

Workstation Solutions announced Quick Restore 2.6, an enterprise-ready and heterogeneous network backup and recovery solution for Linux servers. Quick Restore servers, clients and devices can be easily added, moved or reconfigured to accommodate changing network needs. Its design makes it easy to install, configure and use. Data stored on machines on the unsecure side of a firewall may be backed up and recovered.

Contact: Workstation Solutions, Inc., Five Overlook Dr., Amherst, NH 03031, 603-672-8600, 603-672-3154 (fax),

Threads.h++ and Tools.h++ Professional

Rogue Wave Software announced the availability of Threads.h++ and Tools.h++ Professional on the Linux platform. Threads.h++ provides all the mechanisms needed to add multithreading to existing applications or write new multithreaded applications from scratch. Tools.h++ is a class library with more than 130 fundamental C++ building blocks, such as string, collection, date and time, internationalization and streaming classes, plus an easy-to-use interface to the Standard C++ Library.

Contact: Rogue Wave Software, 5500 Flatiron Pkwy., Boulder, CO 80301, 888-442-9641, 303-447-2568 (fax),,

Scriptics Connect 1.0, 1.1

Scriptics Corporation announced the release of a full-production version of Scriptics Connect, their business-to-business integration server. Scriptics Connect is a complete XML platform, with robust and secure deployment as well as development tools. Version 1.0 includes the Apache web server on UNIX. Scriptics also unveiled a beta release of Scriptics Connect v1.1, which provides support for Red Hat Linux and Netscape Enterprise web servers. Scriptics Connect is designed to enable optimum server-to-server integration across the Internet.

Contact: Scriptics Corporation, 2593 Coast Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043, 650-210-0100, 650-210-0101 (fax),,

TapeWare 6.2 Backup Software

Yosemite Technologies introduced TapeWare 6.2, the latest version of its data storage management software. TapeWare 6.2 now supports Red Hat Linux 5.2/6.x, offering convenience and backup features to make designing a comprehensive backup management program simple, easy to implement and customizable to unique network topologies. Other enhancements to version 6.2 include software compression, remote administration for TapeWare Lite, free auto-loader support on all editions, distributed devices, multiple concurrent devices and a single administration point.

Contact: Yosemite Technologies, Inc., 2750 N. Clovis Ave., Fresno, CA 93727, 559-292-8888, 559-292-8908 (fax),,

DoubleVision for Linux Systems

Tridia released a Linux version of its remote control software, DoubleVision. It permits a remote system to connect to a remote console or another terminal (tty or pseudo-tty) and have full access to its screen and keyboard. Once attached, the screen looks like the screen of the terminal to which it is attached and the keyboard operates the remote terminal or console over a serial connection, modem or network.

Contact: Tridia Corporation, 1000 Cobb Place Blvd., Building 200, Suite 210, Kennesaw, GA 30144, 800-582-9337, 770-428-5009 (fax),,