Customizing Vim

Some great customizations to Vim's default behavior—make Vim work for you.

Enjoy customizing Vim. If you take one step at a time, you'll find that using Vim becomes more and more pleasant as time goes by. I think the more you make Vim work your way rather than its default way, the more you'll come to like it.

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setting incremental search in vim problems

sanon's picture

Hi do you know of any reason why set incsearch wouldn't work?
Im using osx 10.5 and have tried :set incsearch inside vim 7.2 and macvim and also in .vimrc set incsearch.

thank you

Updated guide to customizing VIM for version 7.1+

Steve Francia's picture

While this guide is still applicable, Vim has added a ton of new features since this was published. I have posted an updated "customize vim" guide which can be found here Customizing Vim .

Good stuff

Anonymous's picture

hey, good advice... i have a few more questions. How do we see to it that vim always opens in a full window with a particular color scheme? and... how do we copy lines between two windows of vim. the "y" and "p" jig works well within a window, but doesn't seem work properly between windows...

thanks for the help...

For colors, add

Anonymous's picture

For colors, add colors=darkblue to your .vimrc and that's it.

Lovely advice, thanks!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Lovely advice, thanks!

Excellent examples

Anthony Ettinger's picture

I like the incremental search function, and re-added smartcase to my profile, as that is a definite :)