Linux and IBM PowerPCs

If you have an RS6000, you could be running Linux.
Do Your Homework

If you are going to venture into installing Linux on a PReP IBM PowerPC, spend some time reviewing both the current and archived mailing lists for Yellow Dog and LinuxPPC. Let people on the list know what you are planning. Be specific about which Linux distribution you plan to use and the model of your PowerPC. They can help you avoid some blind alleys and dead-end avenues.

Proper System Firmware

Not having the proper firmware installed on your PReP machine could affect your installation of Linux. It may not be important to some, yet most of these PReP machines require a specific firmware release to be Year 2000 ready. IBM maintains a Year 2000 web site where you can verify whether a different firmware release is required for your system. Caution: use only firmware designated for your machine—doing otherwise could break your machine beyond repair. IBM's Year 2000 site for firmware information is in Resources. Virtually all of IBM's PReP machines are listed.


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Daniel Lazenby ( first encountered UNIX in 1983 and discovered Linux in 1994.