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The Collaborative Virtual Workspace by Stephen Jones gives us a look at office meetings of the future: held over the network in a virtual meeting room. Mr. Jones' current project involves developing this virtual space so that it gives more meaning to social interactions and allows participants to pass around documents and pictures. The software for this project is being made freely available.

AppSwitch 2000: Network Switching with Ada by Ann S. Brandon relates how this product was developed using Linux, then converted to GNAT. All programming was done in Ada rather than C, and Ms. Brandon tells how and why management made these controversial decisions. This article is as much a product review as it is a salute to ADA and Linux. The AppSwitch analyzes network application traffic and enforces quality of service policies automatically.

Writing an Alphanumeric Pager Server for Linux by Eric Max Francis gives us all the information we need to do just that. Mr. Francis covers protocols, profiles, devices, filters, server and clients, then tells us how to put all the pieces together whether we support a single or multiple devices.

Linux and Banking by Josip Almasi is a “Linux Means Business” column about a small bank in the country of Croatia. Mr. Almasi tells us how they came to choose Linux as their operating system, and the benefits, such as GNU tools, which Linux has brought with it.

Perl Annotated Archives by Paul Dunne is a book review and delivers just what book reviews should: a look at what's in the book, and information to help you decide if it is worth reading.

Core PHP Programming: Using PHP to Build Dynamic Web Sites by Allen Riddell reviews this book on the popular web scripting language PHP. Everything you need to know, or a waste of time? Read the review to see.

LJ Index - January, 2000
  1. Place of Swedish among the languages spoken in Linus' home: #1

  2. Percentage of Finns for whom Swedish is the mother tongue: 5

  3. Length in hours of Linus' honorary doctoral award ceremony at the University of Stockholm: 3

  4. Number of times the two mountain bikes in Linus' garage have been used in two years: 2

  5. Elevation of Santa Clara, where Linus and his family live: 94 feet

  6. World to which Linus says he sometimes thinks Silicon Valley belongs, due to its absence of good electronic banking: 3rd

  7. Hosts per 1,000 people in Finland: 52

  8. Position of Finland in hosts per thousand among the 20 most industrialized countries: #1

  9. Number of U.S. cities that have achieved greater than 50% Internet penetration: 5

  10. Internet penetration of Washington, D.C.: 59.9%

  11. Washington, D.C.'s position among most-penetrated Internet cities: #1

  12. Position of Pittsburgh, PA: #64

  13. Internet penetration of Pittsburgh: 30.8%

  14. Household debt as a % of income in 1999: 98

  15. Household debt as a % of income in 1998: 80

  16. Amount borrowed by U.S. households to fund stock purchases in 1999: $179 billion US

  17. Increase in borrowing for stocks over previous five years: 3 times

  18. Room capacity for the Linux for Suits panel discussion sponsored by Linux Journal at Fall Internet World featuring Linus Torvalds: 350

  19. Approximate number of attendees at the event: 400

  20. Number of pages in the January 1999 issue of LJ: 100

  21. Number of pages in the December 1999 issue of LJ: 132

  22. Number of complaints concerning the discussion of religion in the November LJ interview with Linus Torvalds: 7

  23. The latest expected release date of Windows 2000: 2/17/00

  24. Approximate number of employees at Windows Magazine: 35

  25. Number of employees working on Linux Journal: 14

  26. Average number of days the male emperor penguin fasts during courtship and incubation: 90-120

  27. Percentage of body weight lost during fasting: 41%

  28. Percentage of time spent asleep during fasting: 70