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The program supermount has been successfully ported to the 2.2 kernel, implementing all the functionality of Stephen Tweedie's original version. The project was started on August 11 and completed on September 27 by developer Alex ... in Russia. This Linux enhancement was cooperatively funded by several different individuals and coordinated by cosource.com, thereby proving the Cosource model works! Congratulations to Alex and Cosource! Get all the details from www.cosource.com/cgi-bin/cos.pl/bid/info/5http://www.cosource.com/cgi-bin/cos.pl/bid/info/5.

Lineo Proposes Embedded Linux Advisory Board

On September 30 at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, Lyle Ball and Bryan Sparks of Lineo proposed a group to be called the Embedded Linux Advisory Board (EMLAB). This proposed body would serve as an advocacy group, helping Linux to gain greater visibility and name recognition in the embedded systems arena through activities such as establishing Linux Pavilions at embedded systems shows and promoting birds-of-feather sessions and Linux presentation tracks. Other possibilities include:

  • Shared software development, for example, a GPL flash-disk file-system driver. Like Linux itself, such software offers a fundamental basis on which embedded systems may grow.

  • Vendor-neutral comparisons of embedded Linux approaches

  • Tracking and publicizing Linux design wins

  • Setting standards

Funding would come from corporate sponsorship with complimentary memberships open to community groups, such as Linux Router Project or individual developers, via a nomination process.

Lineo hopes to turn EMLAB over to an independent board to be selected soon.

Present at the announcement were Lineo and some of its customers and strategic partners including Ziatech, Motorola and Intel. The press was represented by Linux Weekly News and Linux Journal.

Reaction from companies and groups not present was cautious, though there is support for the idea of such an organization.

Lineo has set up a server hosting an open mailing list and a web site. For list subscription information, e-mail info@emlab.org. For news updates, visit http://www.emlab.org/ or stay tuned to www.linuxjournal.com/.

—Dan Wilder


Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal