New Products

DupliDisk RAIDcase, REALTIME Product Suite, Aplio/PRO and more.
DupliDisk RAIDcase

Arco Computer Products, Inc. announced the DupliDisk RAIDcase, a real-time backup device offering PC users a simple and convenient way to maintain an exact, up-to-the-minute duplicate of their IDE hard drives. With the DupliDisk RAIDcase, any PC user can now have the security of a redundant drive that can take over instantly in the event of a disk crash. It requires no device drivers, is essentially OS-independent, and has been tested with systems running Linux among other platforms. Manufacturer's SRP is $435 US.

Contact: ARCO Computer Products, Inc., 2750 North 29th Ave., Hollywood, FL 33020, 954 925-2688, 954 925-2889 (fax),,

REALTIME Product Suite

Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) announced its AMS REALTIME software on Linux, an enterprise project management suite that can support thousands of users without sacrificing performance. The AMS REALTIME products are ODBC-compliant and cross-platform compatible, providing a consistent look and feel to all users and allowing seamless data interchange. Contact AMS for details pricing.

Contact: Advanced Management Solutions, 800-397-6829,,


Aplio, Inc. announced its first IP Phone appliance for the SOHO and small business market. Aplio/PRO is a low-cost, easy-to-use stand-alone telephony device that routes telephone calls through the Internet, allowing users to make free calls anywhere in the world without a computer. It connects to the Internet using any existing Ethernet connection and plugs into a regular telephone, delivering state-of-the-art Internet telephony with superior sound quality. SRP is $299 US per unit.

Contact: Aplio, Inc., 1250 Bayhill Drive, Suite 201, San Bruno, CA 94066, 888-642-7546, 650-794-2759 (fax),,

OpenLinux 2.3

Caldera Systems, Inc. shipped OpenLinux 2.3, the latest release of its OpenLinux distribution. OpenLinux 2.3 provides remote mass installation capabilities and has been Y2K tested. It is based on the 2.2.10 kernel and includes an improved LIZARD (LInux wiZARD) install with faster autoprobing. The package retails for $49.95 US and contains several updated features and commercial applications. Those who purchased OpenLinux 2.2 may upgrade to 2.3 for $19.95 US.

Contact: Caldera Systems, Inc., 240 West Center Street, Orem, UT 84057, 888-465-4689, 801-765-1313 (fax),,

Clustor 2.0

Active Tools unveiled a new version of Clustor 2.0 with a greatly expanded set of application programming interface commands for software developers. It implements a job distribution engine with API commands that allow one to incorporate Clustor easily within other applications. The Clustor 2.0 Bundle with one Clustor Root license and five Clustor Nodes licenses starts at $1995 US. Contact Active Tools for price quotes on custom configuration. A CD-ROM and/or printed manuals may be purchased for $20 US each. Free evaluation downloads are available from the web site.

Contact: Active Tools Inc., 246 First St., Suite 310, San Francisco, CA 94105, 415-882-7062, 415-680-2369 (fax),,

V2.0 GNUPro Dev Kit for Linux

Cygnus Solutions announced an enhanced version of its GNUPro Toolkit for Linux application developers. GNUPro Dev Kit speeds up development time and generates greater software performance with pre-built binaries for easier installation and compiler optimizations for Pentium processor-based systems. New features include the ability to produce code optimized for Intel Pentium processors; extended C++ language support; an improved GUI installer; and a graphical debugger which now supports the debugging of multithreaded code. The GNUPro Dev Kit for Linux is priced at $79 US per copy.

Contact: Cygnus Solutions, 1325 Chesapeake Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, 408-542-9600, 408-542-9699 (fax),,