New Products

ALPHAserver AT2000, UP2000 Motherboard, Cerebellum 1.3 and more.

OpenOrders released its newest product, OpenWebConnect. It allows any external TCP/IP-enabled device to easily connect to an OpenOrders database for order processing or retrieval of customer service information. OpenWebConnect allows Internet merchants to fulfill all of their order processing needs by providing a real-time link to OpenCatalog, a complete fulfillment and inventory management system. OpenOrders' unique scalable and open-architecture systems operate on servers running Linux as well as other platforms. Contact OpenOrders for pricing.

Contact: OpenOrders, Inc., 400 Centre Street, Newton, MA 02458, 617-527-5757 x22, 617-558-1361 (fax),,


Rave Computer Association, Inc. has positioned its Rave Systems RackMount-2UAXi as an UltraSPARC-IIi server appliance operating on the Linux or Solaris operating system. It comes standard in a 19-inch 2U form factor chassis integrated with Sun's UltraAXi motherboard, a 300-watt auto-ranging power supply, six cooling fans and two 33MHz/32Bit PCI slots, and can be pre-loaded with Red Hat Linux 6.0 or Solaris 7. Contact Rave for price quotes.

Contact: Rave Computer Association, Inc., 36960 Metro Court, Sterling Heights, MI 48312, 800-966-7283, 810-939-7431 (fax),,

Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server

Red Hat unveiled its Linux e-commerce server. This e-business solution combines the stability and scalability of open-source solutions, Red Hat Linux 6.0 and the Apache web server with all the security (RSA Data Security's 128-bit encryption engine) and e-commerce tools necessary to use Red Hat Linux in e-business applications. In addition, the included Linux applications CD contains Red Hat Linux 6.0 programs and a separate e-commerce directory. The package retails for $149.99 US. Corporations and ISPs can purchase additional support packages from Red Hat's new Response Link support center.

Contact: Red Hat Software, P.O. Box 13588, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, 919-547-0012, 919-547-0024 (fax),,

Site Watch 2000

Internet technology firm NET Resolve launched Site Watch 2000 as their first major product offering. Site Watch 2000 is a combination of systems and network monitoring, reporting and 24x7 support for businesses that maintain Internet-based servers and networks. It runs on Linux and other operating systems. Prices are per server, ranging from $500 to $1000 US for setup, $275 to $1550 US monthly (Basic, Deluxe and Premierservice levels) with discounts on multiple server configurations.

Contact: NET Resolve, 378 Vintage Park Drive, Foster City, CA 94404, 877-638-7376 (toll-free),,

Slam v1.2

Stabie-Soft announced the release of Slam v1.2, a family of integrated circuit layout editor tools. The tool suite includes a mask layout viewer (Slam-View), editor, extractor and delay integrator. All of the tools use the Tcl interpreter and provide programmatic access to the layout database. Supported platforms include Linux x86-based platforms using the 2.0 or 2.2 kernel. Price per node is $39 US for Slam-View; $3689 US per node for the full suite including Slam-View, Slam-Edit, XTK and Delay-Pak. A 30-day evaluation is free.

Contact: Stabie-Soft, 5828 Gentle Breeze Terr., Austin, TX 78731, 512-656-4713,,


Tri-Century Resource Group, Inc. announced the availability of CC_AUTH: Credit Card Authorization for Linux/UNIX and Java. Using CC_AUTH, any Java developer can integrate credit-card processing into an Internet or internal application within minutes. CC_AUTH is designed to connect with, a competitively priced credit-card authorization provider. A free 30-day CC_AUTH demo is available via Tri-Century's web site. Contact Tri-Century for pricing.

Contact: Tri-Century Resource Group, Inc., HC 79 Box 303, Wideman, AR 72585, 888-874-2368, 870-258-3168 (fax),