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Every few months, we take another look at Alexa Internet's stats for Linux-related web sites. These charts follow the last set by 100 days, and the trends are interesting. The most noteworthy items:

  • Woven Goods for Linux had the highest increase of “Links In” among the resource sites: 226%. Freecode was second, with 192%. Linux Today was third, with 154%. The increase for the whole group was 112%.

  • For resource site visits, Linux.com led the way with a 164% increase. Freshmeat was second with 112%. The increase for the whole group was 18%.

  • Among the Distribution sites, the leading gainer in both “Visits” and “Links In” was SuSE, with 99% and 77%, respectively. The increases for the whole category were 52% and 25%, respectively.

As for the rest, you can draw your own conclusions. Bear in mind the following disclaimers. These numbers were gathered on August 21, 1999. Links In are current and updated constantly by Alexa's 'bot. Visits are totaled over the preceding 6-month period. Since Alexa's client software lives only on Windows and Mac machines, visits do not (yet) include Linux or UNIX clients (see the LJ Index for some working irony on that subject). “SSC sites” include the Linux Journal, Linux Gazette, Linux Resources and ssc.com sites. Linux Journal and Linux Resources were combined during the survey period. Linux.com also started in late May and was not in existence through much of the survey period. The Slackware numbers below include all of http://www.cdrom.com/ (of which Slackware puts up the biggest numbers). Caldera also split into two sites (and two companies) during this period.

—Doc Searls

Links In for Linux Resource Sites

Visits for Linux Resource Sites

Links In for Linux Distribution Sites

Visits for Linux Distribution Sites

Links In for Development Community Sites

Visits for Development Community Sites

  1. Number of Red Hat shares released for sale in its IPO: 6,000,000

  2. Number of shares retained by Red Hat after the offering: 66,835,104

  3. Percentage of shares in which the trading price determines 100% of Red Hat's full market value: 9%

  4. Offering price for Red Hat's IPO shares: $14 US/share

  5. Red Hat market capitalization (market cap) at its initial offering price (all shares times price): $935,000,000 US

  6. Top Red Hat share price within its first week on the market: $90.69 US

  7. Red Hat market cap at its top first-week share price: $6,061,275,581.76 US

  8. Red Hat 1999 (fiscal year ends February) sales: $10.79 million US

  9. Red Hat 1999 net income: -$90 thousand US

  10. Estimated size of the Linux-based server market in 2003: $3.8 billion US

  11. Estimated Linux server licenses in 1998: 750,000

  12. Estimated non-Linux UNIX server licenses in 1998: < 750,000

  13. Size of the Internet access market in 1999: $2 billion US

  14. Estimated size of the Internet access market in 2002: $16 billion US

  15. Number of web pages with links to the Linux Documentation Project: 225,725

  16. Number of Alexa Internet client visits to the Linux Documentation Project over a six-month period: 144,361

  17. Number of Alexa Internet client visits to Red Hat over the same six-month period: 102,806

  18. Percentage of Linux clients in both numbers above: 0

  19. Number of web pages in Alexa's Archive: 1.2 billion

  20. New pages added each week to Alexa: 120 million

  21. Length of time for the Web to double in size: 8-9 months

  22. Current size of the Web: 7 terrabytes

  23. Number of Red Hat shares owned by first person to achieve billionaire status as a result of Linux stock: Frank Batten Jr. (15 million)

  24. Price per share of Red Hat stock that would make Marc Ewing and Robert Young billionaires: $110.11

  25. Number of Penguin Peppermints eaten by LJ staffer David Penn, in a recent employee “contest”: 71

  26. Number of grams of caffeine per mint: 16 milligrams

  27. Number of work days missed by Mr. Penn as a result: 3

  28. Number produced after converting Bill Gates III into ASCII code: 666

  29. Number produced after converting Windows 95 into ASCII code: 666

  30. Number produced after converting MS-DOS 6.31 into ASCII code: 666

  31. Amount of money donated by ex-Microsoft employee Bruce McKinney, to help legalize marijuana in Washington state: $100,000 US



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