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NoSQL Tutorial by Giuseppe Paterno presents a good, long introduction to this open-source database for small- to medium-sized tables. NoSQL is a database system that was designed to get the most from a UNIX system, using commands that combine various standard tools.

Interfacing Relational Databases to the Web by Will Benton offers the instructions for building a database-backed web site using Apache, the PHP3 module and the PostgreSQL relational database. Information on installing the tools, setting up PostgreSQL, PHP3 basics, database connectivity and design considerations is included. A simple guest book program is used as an example.

The ACEDB Database System by Joe Nasal describes how to make easy work of local area network management using Linux and the object-oriented database, ACEDB. The article covers not only the ACEDB basics, but also gives information on Arpwatch, a program that collects network data, and AcePerl, the Perl interface to ACEDB.

How to Install and Configure Oracle by Greg Flannery gives a step-by-step walkthrough of the Oracle installation program, including all the nitty-gritty details. If you want to use Oracle on Linux, this article will show you the way.

Linux in Education: Buy One, Get One Free by R. Scott Gray, Luke Pargiter and Phil Pfeiffer tells us how the Computer Science Department at East Tennessee State University configured Linux as a dual-purpose user environment. The two needs were general classroom use and experimental laboratory use. This article explains how they set up the network to allow the students to experiment with the system source code without interfering with others.

Mastering Linux is reviewed by Bob van der Poel. This very large book was written by Arman Danesh and published by SYBEX Inc. Read the review to find out what it covers and if it is a book you need.

Linux in the Tropics by Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel gives us the scoop on Linux user groups in Brazil—what they are accomplishing and how they are growing in popularity. See the web page for the National Group they have set up at http://www.linuxsp.org.br/.

Linux Conviguration & Installation, Edition 4 by Bob van der Poel is a book review of the latest edition of this classic book. Do you need a new copy? Read the review to find out.


Amdahl Corporation (http://www.amdahl.com/) announced it will provide full enterprise-class support for the Linux operating system on the Intel architecture-based Fujitsu teamservers. This support includes factory installation of the Linux operating system on Fujitsu single and dual Pentium III processor model teamservers, and professional services for setup and customization of Linux and associated open-source products such as the Apache web server.

Rogue Wave Software (http://www.roguewave.com/), a provider of software for creating enterprise systems with object-oriented component technology, announced support of the Linux platform. The company will start by shipping versions of NobleNet RPC, Tools.h++, DBTools.h++, Standard C++ Library and Money.h++.

Debian (http://www.debian.org/) has, as the result of a GIMP Logo contest (http://contest.gimp.org/), chosen a new logo. The logo was selected by a vote of the Debian developers. The winning entry was submitted by Raul M. Silva of onShore, Inc. and can be seen on the main Debian web pages. Licenses and conditions for use can be found at http://www.debian.org/logos/.

Hummingbird Communications Ltd. (http://www.hummingbird.com/), an enterprise software company, announced it has entered into a co-marketing and strategic development alliance with Caldera Systems, Inc. (http://www.caldera.com/), a provider of Linux-based business solutions. The new relationship will give Caldera's Linux users access to all of Hummingbird's desktop client connectivity products including Exceed, HostExplorer, NFS Maestro Server, NFS Maestro Client, NFS Maestro Gateway and NFS Maestro Solo.

Terra Soft Solutions (http://www.blacklablinux.com/) announced the formation of a reseller relationship with MacMall (http://www.macmall.com/) for the purpose of selling Yellow Dog Linux software (http://www.yellowdog.com/). The MacMall catalog has a circulation of up to two million, reaching end users, small to medium businesses, government and education markets.

Deja.com is the new name for DejaNews. This site is a consumer information exchange, providing consumers with the opportunity to consult the opinions and experiences of other consumers regarding specific products and services. Deja.com rebuilt their site using TowerJ from Tower Technology (http://www.towerj.com/). According to independent industry benchmarks, TowerJ on Linux/Intel is the performance-leading Java deployment platform (see http://www.volano.com/report.html).

Network Concierge (http://www.nc4u.com/) and Motorola Computer Group (http://www.mcg.mot.com/) announced a partnership to deliver networking solutions. Powered by Network Concierge software, the SLX series offers Motorola OEM customers reliability and service. The SLX network appliances require no operating system, networking or server expertise and can be deployed in less than 15 minutes.

Linux System Solution Ltd (LSSL) and INFOMATEC-IGEL Asia Ltd have formally announced their cooperation in the Internet device, Thin Client and Networking arena. IGEL Asia LTD (http://www.igelasia.com/) will endeavor to market and educate customers toward a complete Linux-based Thin Client/Server solution based on TurboLinux's products complementing IGEL's Firmware. LSSL will help support and develop application solutions and services in the use of Thin Clients for corporate, commercial and educational use. LSSL and IGEL will cooperate in the localization and development of Chinese applications and solutions.

Linuxcare, Inc. (http://www.linuxcare.com/), a provider of technical support, consulting, education and product certification for all distributions of Linux, announced it has reached an agreement with IBM to offer support services and training for the company's RS/6000 servers. In addition, Linuxcare Labs, the product certification arm of Linuxcare, entered into an agreement with Macmillan Computer Publishing to provide technical editing and certification services. Linuxcare also announced it had reached agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc. (http://www.sun.com/) to provide a range of enterprise-class services for Sun's recently acquired StarOffice productivity suite on Linux. Under the agreement, Linuxcare will provide a comprehensive suite of enterprise services for StarOffice on Linux. These will include end-user and developer technical support, custom development, enterprise integration, migration and rollout, and customized training.

sourceXchange, the open-source development marketplace, went live on August 10 (http://www.sourceXchange.com/). At that time, more than 1500 developers had already registered with sourceXchange. Seven RFPs were presented from founding sponsor Hewlett-Packard. sourceXchange provides a dynamic forum where sponsors who need open-source programmers can contract with qualified developers for specific development projects. Developers can also submit proposals to the sourceXchange Wish List, soliciting the talents of their peers in the Open Source community for projects that contribute to the common good.

The White Camel Awards were presented to three leading activists in the Perl community at O'Reilly's Perl Conference 3.0 in Monterey, CA on August 23. Tom Christiansen, Kevin Lenzo and Adam Turoff were recognized for their extraordinary contributions to Perl Advocacy, the Perl Community and Perl User Groups, respectively. The White Camel Awards were created to honor individuals who devote remarkable creativity, energy and time to the non-technical work that supports Perl's user community. The awards are sponsored by Perl Mongers, http://www.pm.org/, a not-for-profit organization whose mission, along with O'Reilly and sourceXchange, is to establish Perl user groups.

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