Using Apache Proxy to Suppress Banner Ads

If you find Internet advertising annoying, time wasting and resource-consuming, get rid of it.

I have been using Apache to redirect Internet advertising for a while now, and am very happy with the results. Browsing on my slow link at home is a much more enjoyable experience with highly reduced wait time.

When I first started using Apache, I never expected I would be able to use it pro-actively for this particular purpose. Ralf Engelschall, the author of mod_rewrite, didn't expect his brain-child to be used for this purpose, either. The fact that it can underlines once again the beauty of the philosophy behind UNIX, Linux and Apache—if you make the parts general purpose enough and give the facility of combining them, their sum invariably becomes greater than the whole.



Raju Mathur ( ostensibly works for SGI in India, but manages to spend inordinately large amounts of time with his first love, Linux. He has been using Linux since the kernel 0.99.11 era and is currently the coordinator of the Delhi Chapter of the India Linux Users' Group. He is married to Aparna, a past-life therapist, and is the proud father of two children, Shiv and Ella.



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Best regards 8-), Gelasia.