New Products

AltaCluster Systems, EasyCopy 6.0, ArahWeave 3.0 and more.
AltaCluster Systems

Alta Technology announced their family of AltaCluster systems. Using Pentium III processors at speeds of up to 550MHz, the AltaCluster combines high performance and unique packaging to form scalable and reliable multi-processor systems. The eight standard AltaCluster compute nodes come complete with up to 1024MB of synchronous DRAM, a 6.4GB UltraDMA EIDE hard disk drive and 10/100 Ethernet connectivity. Systems are stackable and scalable from one to thousands of processors. AltaCluster systems are fully integrated with Linux and implement Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface technology. See the web site for pricing options.

Contact: Alta Technology, 8689 S. 700 West, Sandy, UT 84070, 801-562-1010, 801-568-1010 (fax),,

EasyCopy 6.0

AutoGraph International announced EasyCopy 6.0, a major rewrite of AGI's flagship product EasyCopy/X. The software provides integrated and flexible tools for working with image data and printing. EasyCopy 6.0 includes a new GUI, an integrated image viewer and a fast image browser. It offers complete control of the printer and improved selection of page layout and color options, imports a wide range of common CAD and DTP image file formats and has more tools for system administration. Free evaluation copies can be installed from the CD-ROM. EasyCopy pricing begins at $395 US. The AGI suite of image communication tools is available for all UNIX platforms including Linux, on one CD-ROM.

Contact: AutoGraph International Inc., 1782 Technology Drive, San Jose, CA 95110-1306, 408-436-7227, 408-436-7255 (fax),,

ArahWeave 3.0

ArahWeave is an integrated dobby and jacquard CAD/CAM system for weaving designs. The software supports Linux and is useful for design studios, art schools and weaving mills which use dobby or jacquard weaving technologies. With looms and CAD connected to a network, designers can make realistic fabric simulations by entering technical data. Please contact Arahne for fabric samples or pricing.

Contact: Arahne d.o.o., Staniceva 17, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, +386-61-1395-280, +386-61-1316-119 (fax),,

CAD-UL C/C++ Toolkit for Linux

CAD-UL, Inc. announced an embedded-centric C/C++ compiler and toolkit for Linux developers. Engineers may prototype their code on a Linux-based host platform using C/C++ tools designed specifically for embedded development. The CAD-UL C/C++ Toolkit for Linux features support for protected-mode programming and real-mode programming and is available at a base price of $5,600 US.

Contact: CAD-UL Computer Aided Design Ulm GmbH, Lämmerweg 32, D-89079 Ulm-Einsingen, Germany, 480-945-8188, 480-945-8177 (fax),,

CoffeeCup HTML Editor++

CoffeeCup Software announced a Linux version of its full-featured GTK Editor. CoffeeCup includes many useful features such as 60 JavaScripts, Quick Start Wizard, Table and Frame designers, a huge HTML tag vocabulary, 30 background images, more than 175 animated GIFs, about 140 web-icon graphics, a snippet editor, project directories, a horizontal rule designer and a link wizard. Priced at $40 US, the HTML Editor++ is compiled against shared libraries as well, so if the GTK 1.2.x version is installed, running the software is as trouble-free as making a pot of coffee.

Contact: CoffeeCup Software, Inc., 801 Elizabeth Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78404, 361-887-7778, 361-887-8788 (fax),,

Funnel Web 3.5

Active Concepts announced a Linux version and an upgrade of its web-site analysis solution, Funnel Web. The web profiling tool is designed to assist businesses and organizations in tracking vital information on customer usage patterns, market penetration and effectiveness. It features Streaming Analysis, domain aggregation, offsite processing, event messaging, Proxy analysis, regionalized reporting and a choice of command-line interface or GUI. The Standard version of Funnel Web for Linux is priced at $249 US, the Professional version at $499 US. Upgrades and crossgrades range from free to $299 US.

Contact: Active Concepts, 159 Pelham St., Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia, +61-3-9348-2122, +61-3-9347-9914 (fax),,