New Products

AltaCluster Systems, EasyCopy 6.0, ArahWeave 3.0 and more.
P1000 Gigabit Ethernet NIC

Phobos Corporation announced shipment of its P1000 Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) with support for PhobosLink Trunking Software on Linux/UNIX and NT servers. The P1000 is a 32/64-bit PCI NIC that connects to multimode fiber optic network cable systems through an SC fiber interconnect. PhobosLink Trunking Software, included with the card, allows network managers to aggregate the bandwidth of up to four P1000 NICs to a maximum of four gigabits per second. Network traffic throughput can be optimized for different networking environments and traffic types. The P1000 with PhobosLink software has a suggested retail price of $1,695 US.

Contact: Phobos Corporation, Commerce Park, 488 East Winchester Street, Suite 150, Salt Lake City, UT 84107, 801-474-9200, 801-474-9201 (fax),,

RAIDION.fc Series Fibre Channel Disk Array

The Raidion Systems Division of Peripheral Technology Group, Inc. announced the RAIDION.fc series Fibre Channel disk array, a new addition to its family of fault-tolerant data solutions. Features include Linux support, an entry point of three-drive modules scaling to 90, fully redundant components, dual-active storage processors, dual-loop fibre-capable and mirrored write-cache. The rack-mounted Raidion FC disk array has a list price starting at $12,000 US.

Contact: Peripheral Technology Group, Inc., 7580 Quattro Drive, Chanhassen, MN 55317, 800-875-0068,,

Security & Hacking 1.0 CD-ROM

SuperAnt announced a security CD-ROM containing sniffers, port scanners, PGPi, cryptography tools, hex editors, disassemblers, nuke protection Linux administration, programming guides and other tools useful for protecting systems. It costs $9.95 US and includes Linux and DOS-based solutions such as networking utilities, e-mail tools and FTP.

Contact: SuperAnt, 2531 Sawtelle, #102, Los Angeles, CA 90064,,


Xi Graphics, Inc. offers desktop and laptop users a powerful GUI with its new maXimumcde for Linux. The fully integrated package includes Motif and CDE built on the Accelerated-X Display Server. Other features include fully integrated utilities; auto detection of graphics hardware at install; English, German, French and Italian language desktop support; graphical session and login manager; and overlay support on capable hardware. maXimumcde for Linux Executive Edition is available for $199.95 US; the Developer's Edition is $349.95 US. Laptop versions and international pricing are slightly higher.

Contact: Xi Graphics, Inc., 1801 Broadway, Suite 1710, Denver, CO 80202, 303-298-7478, 303-298-1406 (fax),,

Quad Xeon System with Intel 550 Processors

Penguin Computing announced that it is now offering Quad Xeon systems utilizing Intel 550 MHz Processors. The computer was designed in response to a specific customer request, by a team of engineers at Penguin dedicated to developing the fastest and most reliable Linux systems available. Pricing of the Quad Xeon machines starts at less than $14,000 US.

Contact: Penguin Computing, 965 Mission Street, Suite 630, San Francisco, CA 94103, 888-736-4846,,

TurboLinux Workstation 3.6

TurboLinux announced Workstation 3.6, shipping with the latest 2.2.9 kernel and the option of a GNOME or KDE desktop. It includes source code on two CD-ROMs, a companion CD-ROM with bonus Linux applications, developer tools and office productivity suites (including the download version of Corel's WordPerfect 8 for Linux), a 300-page manual and 60 days of free installation support. Price is $49.95 US.

Contact: TurboLinux, 2000 Sierra Point Parkway, Suite 702, Brisbane, CA 94005, 801-501-0866, 801-501-0889 (fax),,