Red Hat Linux 6.0

In keeping with the high standards of modern distributions, Red Hat Linux 6.0 is relatively easy to install, preconfigured, aesthetic and functional.

Red Hat Linux 6.0 is a modern, up-to-date, flexible distribution which finds itself at home in a number of areas ranging from small servers to home desktops to the business world. Many businesses and institutions rely on Red Hat, as do countless home users. At the very least, it has recent versions of packages and puts libraries in the right places, so things work. It does have a commercial feel to it—you know when a machine is running Red Hat. Also, it does not take a minimalist approach, so it could be a bit more complicated than a home user might want—some might even find it a bit bulky. Actually, for GNOME/Enlightenment to function in a timely way, 32MB of RAM seems inadequate. However, the distribution on the whole is reliable and functional. The price is a bit painful, so one might want to consider the many alternatives. But, if you need to be sure of a functional system with phone and e-mail support, manuals, applications and a Red Hat bumper sticker, the price may be worth it.

Jason Kroll spends his weekdays in the product testing lab at Linux Journal where he is very happy to be working in support of the Linux movement. His evenings are supposedly spent finishing his economics studies (but not really, other classes are more fun, you see). When reviewing a distribution, he thinks it's very important to test all of the games, and wishes distributors would include more games with their distributions. He can be reached at