New Products

TeleUSE Personal Edition, /BriefCase 3.0 SCM Toolkit and more.
Web-4M 2.5

Web-4M 2.5 from JDH Technologies now provides a comprehensive collaboration/groupware environment for Linux. The scalable, distributed tool suite supports e-mail, news, phone, the Browsable Document Library, the Interactive Slide Show, audio conferencing, chat, a white board, calendar, scheduler and more. It runs in conjunction with the Apache web server. Sample prices are $1500 for a 25-user Web-4M server in business or government, $1000 for 125 university users, and $1050 for 175 K-12 users. An audio server module is available.

Contact: JDH Technologies LLC, 11834 Canon Blvd., Suite J3, Newport News, VA 23606, Phone: 757-873-4747, Fax: 757-873-8484, E-mail:, URL:


V-Systems, Inc. announced their new fax solution for Linux, VSI-FAX Gold. The VSI-FAX Gold Series is a powerful, cross-platform, scalable client/server fax solution for UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows NT servers. The TCP/IP-based server uses a robust central fax engine that runs on a network host, providing reliable performance for all fax-enabled applications and desktop fax users. With its unified inbox/outbox capability, one can use an e-mail client to send and receive faxes. Please contact VSI for a product literature kit, an evaluation CD-ROM or to download software.

Contact: V-Systems, Inc. (VSI), 32232 Paseo Adelanto, Suite #100, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, Phone: 800-556-4874, Fax: 949-489-2058, E-mail:, URL:

SourceOffSite Professional Edition v2.0

SourceOffSite, Inc. announced the 2.0 release of SourceOffSite Professional Edition. The product is a high-performance tool that enables distributed development teams to share Microsoft Visual SourceSafe databases ( SourceOffSite offers remote access and cross-platform functionality among UNIX/Linux clients and Windows NT servers. The product is specifically designed for companies that need fast and secure access to a centralized SourceSafe database from any Internet connection. Price is $149 US for one to nine licenses, reduced for ten or more licenses.

Contact: SourceOffSite, Inc., 3200 Farber Drive, Champaign, IL 61822, Phone: 217-356-3213, Fax: 217-356-0135, E-mail:, URL:

ScriptEase v4.10c

Nombas, Inc. announced ScriptEase:ISDK version 4.10c, a multi-threaded, multitasking JavaScript/ECMAScript that allows one to extend the functions of products from mainframes to Linux, UNIX to PCs, MACs and embedded devices. ScriptEase enables developers to embed a fully functional, JavaScript-compliant, scripting language into applications, embedded systems and proprietary browsers. Pricing will vary; contact Nombas for more information.

Contact: Nombas, Inc., 64 Salem Street, Medford, MA 01890-1709, Phone: 888-766-6227, Fax: 781-391-3842, E-mail:, URL:

UltraSPARC Server for ISPs

EIS Computers introduced a complete set of products and support services targeted to meet the computing needs of Internet Service Providers. Central to this new product set, EIS introduced a new low-profile rack-mount UltraSPARC server, the Fusion-iX/2, and announced a partnership with national system support provider Terix Computer, Inc. The Fusion-iX/2 includes dual UltraWide SCSI channels, 100baseT Ethernet, up to 1GB RAM, Sun's 360MHz UltraSPARC II(i) CPU, up to four hard drives, floppy, tape or CD-ROM, two PCI cards, a redundant hot swappable power supply and a rack-mountable enclosure. Pricing can be found at the web site.

Contact: EIS Computers, Inc., 207 W. Los Angeles Ave, #303, Moorpark, CA 93201, Phone: 800-351-4608, Fax: 805-383-1470, E-mail:, URL:


EMAC, Inc. announced The Server-in-a-Box (SIB) which provides control and monitoring of simple serial devices and complex systems over the Internet or a LAN. Users can interact with a standard browser from anywhere in the world. The SIB is based on a 486, 133Mhz single-board computer, and can run on 8MB of Flash and 8MB of RAM. The ability to boot and run from Flash eliminates the need for a hard drive, and the 486 processor does not require a fan. The SIB uses a monified Linux kernel, providing excellent security, and is fully compliant with HTTP v.1.1. Cost is $895 US, and $199 US for an optional dial-up modem.

Contact: EMAC, Inc., 11 Emac Way, Carbondale, IL 62901, Phone: 618-529-4525, Fax: 618-457-0100, E-mail:, URL: