Focus on Software

Open Business Management, gensig, xchat and more.

This sticker book is an excellent program for children 3 to 7 years of age. It is even easy to use for adults who have not yet mastered the GIMP. The program can be configured to have a large, easy-to-use pointer that is constrained to the program box. Three scenes are available, and the author is looking for assistance in creating a few more. It is about time we have something for little hands. My four year old has been logging in for almost a year, but could only play with the screen saver, and even that with some difficulty since it is a small icon and smaller pointer. Now I may never get a chance to use my own system.


xhangglider is a cute little nothing of a program that displays a hang glider flying around your root window while you work. Nothing but pure enjoyment—we all need a little diversion once in a while.

David A. Bandel ( is a Computer Network Consultant specializing in Linux. When not working, he can be found hacking his own system or enjoying the view of Seattle from an airplane.