A Heterogeneous Linux/Windows 95 Home Network

Share resources such as printers, CD-ROM drives and data connections to the Internet.
Backing Up Windows Files on a Linux Box

Listing 5

My Linux server serrano has a tape drive, so I back up all files on my network to tape. To back up the files on the Windows 95 machine ancho, I first use Samba and a Perl script in which I specify a file called MANIFEST-SMB that contains all directories and files on ancho to be backed up. Then I use the Perl script shown in Listing 5. In that script, ****** is my Samba password to connect to C-Ancho. The manifest file can contain blank lines and comments—the first line in the while loop deals with this. It backs up files on ancho specified in MANIFEST-SMB into my Linux machine's /tmp directory. Then I run another script to back up to tape.

This network has provided me with a stable and efficient home work environment for more than a year.

email: easwaran@mcs.newpaltz.edu

Dr. Chirakkal Easwaran (easwaran@mcs.newpaltz.edu) is a professor of computer science at the State University of New York at New Paltz. He has worked with Linux since 1994. His research interests are in TCP/IP networks and scientific computation. He thanks the National Science Foundation for a grant that made a Linux laboratory possible at New Paltz.