New Products

LML33, Aestiva HTML/OS, I-Gear 3.0 and more.

Linux Media Labs announced its video capture/compression/playback MJPEG PCI card, LML33, for Red Hat Linux 5.2. The board is closely based on Zoran's reference design. Changes to it are kept open and the software drivers are developed under the GPL. Parameters include compression rates of 3.5 to 30; video-stream DMA transfer into video-board memory or RAM, which allows for video in a window; composite and S-video analog input/output. LML33 can be ordered for $410 US.

Contact: Linux Media Labs LLC, Phone: 719-231-3173, Fax: 719-593-9452, E-mail:, URL:

Aestiva HTML/OS

Aestiva, LLC announced the availability of Aestiva HTML/OS, a powerful web-based software product for developing and hosting advanced, dynamic web sites. This version targets users wishing to build commerce sites, web-based applications, or high-access dynamic web sites. Its tagging language allows HTML documents to merge with other server information on the fly, and performs high-speed word processing, spreadsheet, database and programming operations. It eliminates the need for CGI programming. Aestiva HTML/OS is available for Mac OS 7 to 8.5, Mac OS X Server, Linux (Intel and DEC Alpha) and other platforms. It retails for $799 US. Upgrades are $150 US.

Contact: Aestiva, LLC, 400 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 109, Torrance, CA 90503, Phone: 310-328-8122, Fax: 310-328-8403, E-mail:, URL:

I-Gear 3.0

URLabs, Inc. is shipping I-Gear version 3.0 for Red Hat Linux 5.2. I-Gear is the company's Internet content management product that couples high-performance caching with filtering features such as Content Category Lists and Dynamic Document Review for regulating web access or enforcing acceptable-use policies. The Linux version includes all enhancements released as a part of I-Gear 3.0, including features specifically requested by security-conscious companies and family-oriented ISPs. Visit the web site for pricing and download information.

Contact: Unified Research Laboratories, Inc., 303 Butler Farm Road, Suite 106, Hampton, VA 23666-1568, Phone: 757-865-0810, Fax: 757-865-4528, URL:

Leeloo v1.4

JET Software, Inc. announced the release of Leeloo v1.4. Leeloo is a simple-to-use authoring tool for producing Internet or intranet demos, support and training materials. Created sequences can be viewed without plug-ins from a web server with any recent browser on Linux and other platforms. A free version of the authoring tool may be downloaded from Sequences created with the free version will carry banners. A licensed copy of Leeloo removes banners. Price is $999 US for one author, lower for more authors. Sequences with a banner are free; without banners, $400 US per licensed copy.

Contact: JET Software, 2055 Gateway Place, Ste. 400, San Jose, CA 95110, Phone: 408-451-3947, Fax: 408-971-3578, E-mail:, URL:

8000 8-way SMP Server for Linux

Penguin Computing, Inc. announced that it is now offering an 8-way SMP server for Linux. Penguin has built the fastest possible Intel-based computer by combining an L3 cache design adopted from mainframe technology with the industry-standard Intel Xeon processors. Penguin Computing offers its customers the option to have Internet applications, such as the Apache web server and Oracle applications and databases, pre-installed on all servers. Pricing for the base system will vary depending on options such as CPU, memory, number of hard drives, type of monitor and tape backup.

Contact: Penguin Computing, 965 Mission Street, Suite 630, San Francisco, CA 94103, Phone: 888-PENGUIN, 415-243-8100, Fax: 415-243-8181, E-mail:, URL:


Proven Software, Inc. announced the release of Proven CHOICE, their off-the-shelf general business accounting package written specifically for Linux. Proven CHOICE for Linux includes Sales Invoicing/Accounts Receivable, CheckWriter/Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Financial Report Generator bundled for $499 US. Users may work with state-of-the-art equipment or use inexpensive character-based terminals and terminal emulators for multi-user entry. This flexibility creates the most efficient and economical installation possible for any end user.

Contact: Proven Software, Inc., P.O. Box 476, Manlius, NY 13104-0476, Phone: 800-487-6532, Fax: 315-682-1142, E-mail:, URL: