Getting the NT Out—And the Linux In

An overview of configuring Linux using Samba to replace the services provided from Windows NT servers.
Wrapping it Up

Hopefully, I provided you with enough information and inspiration to build Linux file and print servers. While I am not recommending that you dash out and replace your production NT servers, give Linux servers a chance. I'll bet you'll find them more stable and reliable, and they make remote administration much easier. The Samba team is constantly making Samba a better product with more and better features and utilities. As Linux solutions become more and more of a reality, I believe you will find that Linux file and print servers are an efficient, cost-saving tool—that will make both you and your department budget happy.



David Smith ( lives in Springfield, VA. He works at TimeBridge Technologies, where he manages customer networks as the Engineering Manager. When not working, he is either at a baseball game or waiting for the baseball season to start.