New Products

PCI-Fibre Channel RAID Controllers, Applix SHELF 1.3, HELIOS Products for Linux and more.
Web+ 4.0

TalentSoft announced its newest version of Web+, a development tool dedicated to creating web-based client/server applications without writing CGI programs. Web+ enables the creation of highly functional web pages that integrate with databases, file systems, e-mail, Java applets, legacy applications and other TCP/IP applications using socket technology. In addition to supporting ODBC database connectivity, Web+ 4.0 now has built-in native API connectivity with mySQL, miniSQL and PostgreSQL databases. Prices and licensing begin at $100 US for the Developer's Edition with two concurrent connections.

Contact: TalentSoft/Talent Information Management, LLC, 900 Nicollet Mall, Suite 700, Minneapolis, MN 55402, Phone: 612-338-8900, Fax: 612-904-0010, E-mail:, URL:

Helius Satellite Router

Helius, Inc. released the Helius Satellite Router, the first solution for small- to medium-sized businesses and K-12 schools needing high-speed Internet access and support from any location. The Satellite Router is an all-in-one box that includes Virtual Technician and Helius Optimized software. The Helius Satellite Router is a thin server network appliance that works with any local area network, including Linux. System capabilities include interactive Internet, IP Multicasting, e-mail, news, Web, AppleTalk and SMB servers, and caching and proxy services. Installation, setup and support are easy and worry-free with Helius Virtual Technician. Prices start at $2,499 US for up to 30 concurrent users.

Contact: Helius, Inc., 240 West Center, Orem, UT 84057, Phone: 888-764-9020, 801-764-9020, Fax: 801-764-9022, E-mail:, URL: