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Remounting Disks

I am a Linux newbie. Whenever I accidentally shut down my system without halting, I get a message telling me to run disk utilities, and remount hdd. I was wondering, what disk utilities? How do I run them? How do I remount disks? —VoodooXpert,

The utility to run is fsck which checks and repairs a Linux file system (whether it is ext, ext2, etc.). In order to mount one yourself, type:

mount -t filesystem-type device mount-point

For example:

mount -t ext2 /dev/hda3 /archive
Just make sure you already have the mount point created (use mkdir), and you are using the correct file system type (ext, ext2, vfat, etc.).—Mario Bittencourt, Many on-line help resources are available on the SSC web pages. Sunsite mirror sites, FAQs and HOWTOs can all be found at


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