Larry Wall, the Guru of Perl

Discover a bit about Perl's creator and what's happening with Perl.


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Joyous to read

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Above photograph is really good :-))

Explanation of 'how Perl is postmodern language' is tremendous.

Hats off to Larry's brilliancy...

I agree with webapp

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Larry made great contributions for the starting of WebAPP CMS Perl Portal, he deserves lots of thanks!

A very down-to-earth

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A very down-to-earth interview from a person who developed such a dynamic programming language - Perl! He admits that Perl was never designed to be perfect multivariate testing as he believes that there is no such organism that can be said to be perfect! He believes that we have to keep changing and Perl has been designed for change right from the beginning! He says that they do make changes for Perl by adding an extension module which maintains a complete compatibility with older Perl scripts! He must be real proud that his Perl is being by such organizations like National Security Agency and in Wall Street!! No small feat!!


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many thanks to Larry Wall!!!
we live you larry!

Thank Goodness for Larry Wall ...

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Without Larry, there probably would have been no Perl, and without Perl, there never would have been WebAPP! Plus a lot of other neat scripts of course... So many thanks to Larry Wall.

I've just noticed that the

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I've just noticed that the interview dates back to 1999.
Waiting for new LJ Interview with Larry :)


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I am a software testing engineer . I really enjoyed reading this article. If I had got a chance to interview Larry I would have asked one question related to my profession."How is Perl gonna be helpfull in software testing ? " . We all know how good a development language it is.

Thank you


Great for testing too

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It is amazing what a long run Perl has had as a top tier programming language. Certainly many companies find it useful for both automated testing and code coverage in addition to the development uses previously mentioned.