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Cobalt Qube 2, Power Boot 3.0, CyberCop Scanner on Linux and more.

Cobalt Qube 2

Cobalt Networks, Inc. unveiled the Cobalt Qube 2, a simple, low-cost server appliance running Linux that provides Internet connectivity, e-mail, web publishing and other network file services for small to medium-sized businesses and schools. The Qube 2 offers a high-speed 250MHz processor and up to 10.2 gigabytes of disk space for increased performance, functionality and storage. Other important features include e-mail filtering, aliases, IP Firewall security, file sharing and dialup on demand. The product can be purchased for as little as $999 US, depending on configuration options.

Contact: Cobalt Networks, Inc., 555 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA 94043, Phone: 650-930-2500, Fax: 650-930-2501, URL:

Power Boot 3.0

BlueSky Innovations LLC announced the availability of Power Boot 3.0, a cost-effective and easy-to-use boot manager for PC operating systems. Power Boot allows one to boot multiple operating systems on a PC. Version 3.0 is as easy to use as 1.0 while adding more flexibility. It does not require a FAT partition. Power Boot 3.0 is available for purchase and download via the Internet. Single-user licenses cost $25 US and include free software upgrades.

Contact: BlueSky Innovations LLC, 2530 Berryessa Road, Suite 321, San Jose, CA 95132, Phone: 800-414-4268, Fax: 910-350-2937, E-mail:, URL:

CyberCop Scanner on Linux

Network Associates announced their new version of CyberCop Scanner now supports Linux. CyberCop Scanner is one of the leading network vulnerability scanners on the market and is designed to provide a high level of integrity assurance in settings where network security is a serious concern. It reliably and accurately allows a network administrator to perform vulnerability assessment. Please call for licensing and/or purchasing information.

Contact: Network Associates, Inc., 3965 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054, Phone: 408-988-3832, Fax: 408-970-9727, URL:

e-smith Server & Gateway

e-smith, Inc. introduced its e-smith Server & Gateway. This open-source Internet server software transforms a PC (P133 or higher) into a Linux-based server with routing, firewall, e-mail and web servers. It is priced at $400 US and includes CD-ROM, documentation and one year of e-mail and phone support. (e-smith, Inc. was formerly known as Powerframe Internetworking.)

Contact: e-smith, Inc., 173 James Street, Ottawa, ON K1R 5M6, Canada, Phone: 613-236-0743, Fax: 613-276-0065, E-mail:, URL:

Lotus Notes and Domino

Lotus Development Corp. announced their latest version of Lotus Notes shipped in February. A Linux version of Domino, the server software that powers Notes, is on the way. The new Notes version resembles an Internet browser, so that many advanced Notes features can be used by simply pointing and clicking. The Notes client can be used for all types of e-mail, not just mail from a Lotus server, and features an instant messaging component. List price is $29 US. The new version of the Domino server has been upgraded for easier control by system administrators and migration to Notes from other messaging programs.

Contact: Lotus Development Corporation, 400 Riverpark Drive, North Reading, MA 01864, Phone: 800-343-5414 (outside US, 617-577-8500), Fax: 800-859-8369, URL:

MIMER DBMS for Linux

Sysdeco Mimer AB in Uppsala, Sweden, released its MIMER DBMS for Linux. MIMER 8.1 is a complete release of the MIMER database management system. Based on the efficient and extremely easy-to-use MIMER database server, it is a scalable and portable solution for database applications. The final product release, which is a complete developer version, is available for free download from Sysdeco's web site. Full support agreements are available.

Contact: Sysdeco Mimer AB, Box 1713, SE-751 47 Uppsala, Sweden, Phone: +46-18-18-50-00, Fax: +46-18-18-51-00, E-mail:, URL:

PGI Workstation 3.0

The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI) announced the availability of PGI Workstation 3.0, its newly updated suite of parallel FORTRAN, C and C++ compilers and tools. All users with a current software subscription can receive release 3.0 at no additional charge. PGI Workstation 3.0 is supported on Intel-based workstations, servers and clusters running Linux and other operating systems. PGI Workstation 3.0 pricing starts at $299 US for F77-only or C/C++-only packages, and $499 US for full F90/HPF packages.

Contact: The Portland Group, 9150 SW Pioneer Ct, Suite H, Wilsonville, OR 97070, Phone: 503-682-2806, Fax: 503-682-2637, E-mail:, URL:



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