The Artists' Guide to the Gimp

The GIMP is very closely related to Adobe Photoshop in terms of purpose and functionality, and some would say it is superior (one can't argue this in terms of its cost).
Final Impressions

If you are serious about learning the GIMP, you will find a way to put this book on your bookshelf. If you are looking for something to teach you the GIMP via a series of examples or tutorials that build upon each other, you may need to look elsewhere. The book goes further than the typical “Learn XYZ in 21 Days” book and is a comprehensive reference to the GIMP and its operation that will prove itself useful to many readers. However, in the next edition I would like to see a chapter or two that takes readers through a detailed sample project, such as the creation of a complex image similar to the Linux Journal cover art Michael has produced in the past. This would help solidify the concepts presented throughout the book and give many readers a springboard for creating works of their own.

Syd Logan ( is a UNIX/Linux developer for Netscape Communications, working on the 4.x versions of Netscape Communicator. When he has free cycles, he tries to lend a hand with the GTK+ port of Mozilla (see He is the author of Developing Imaging Applications with XIElib and is currently at work on his second book.