New Products

Cyclades-PR4000, PerlDirect, ICS and more.
LynxArray and LynxNSS

Artecon announced support for the Linux operating system across its LynxArray and LynxNSS product lines. LynxArray is Artecon's highly scalable, high-performance RAID product line for corporate data centers, scientific and technical applications and environments, such as telecommunications infrastructures or on-the-move operations. LynxNSS is Artecon's network-attached storage (NAS) product line that supports network file system protocols for the UNIX/Linux and Windows operating systems for file sharing and storage over the network. Additionally, LynxNSS uses TCP/IP, the universally accepted Internet protocol, for network communication as does Linux. Contact Artecon for pricing.

Contact: Artecon, 6305 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009, Phone: 800-872-2783, 760-931-5500, Fax: 760-931-5527, E-mail:, URL:

GO-Global, GO-Between, GO-Joe

GraphOn's products are designed around open-system and client-server concepts for the multi-vendor environment. All provide high-performance access to UNIX/X and Linux applications anywhere on an organization's Intranet, the Internet or over dial-up connections. GO-Global 1.5 is a thin-client PC X server that delivers high-performance access to UNIX applications from any Windows desktop. It supports Red Hat and Caldera Linux. Evaluation copies of GO-Global are available from GraphOn's web site. Pricing begins at $295 US per seat. GO-Between is a thin-client PC X server that provides access from Microsoft's Windows Terminal Server and other multi-user NT solutions to UNIX and X Window applications, and supports Red Hat Linux. GO-Joe, a thin-client Java X server, works on any Java-enabled device or desktop to provide plug-and-play access to UNIX/X and Linux applications, and supports Red Hat Linux. Contact GraphOn's sales department for pricing of GO-Joe and GO-Between.

Contact: GraphOn Corporation, 150 Harrison Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008, Phone: 408-370-4080, Fax: 408-370-5047, E-mail:, URL:

Linux Main Memory Database Benchmark

Polyhedra has developed a benchmark demonstrating main memory database performance on Linux. Features include an active query mechanism that ensures automatic data change update from a Polyhedra server to its client; rapid application development and easier change/modification through the use of object-oriented software techniques; event-driven interfaces to both high-speed data devices and to other commercial databases and systems; systemwide SQL access. Visit the web site for information on pricing and support.

Contact: Polyhedra, Inc., 1611 - 116th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, Phone: 425-646-4907, Fax: 425-646-3020, E-mail:, URL:

Magnate Internet Store

ParaSoft announced the launch of their fully scalable, e-commerce solution on Red Hat Linux. Internet Store is a fully automated, commercially affordable e-commerce system which can automatically update a retailer's actual inventory when an on-line sale is made. It provides a virtual shopping cart and quick and easy pricing, as well as secure credit card transactions. Whenever a retailer adds new items to his inventory or makes any pricing changes, Internet Store publishes the new information automatically on the store's web site. When a customer makes a purchase online, Internet Store instantly notifies the retailer of the sale. Call for pricing.

Contact: ParaSoft Corporation, 2031 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016, Phone: 888-305-0041, Fax: 626-305-3036, E-mail:, URL:

LinuxCare, Inc.

LinuxCare, Inc. provides technical support, consulting, product certification and education to the business, government and education industries. It offers a unique web-based service with an easy-to-use search interface to Linux support resources. The company was co-founded by David Sifry, a contributor to the Linux kernel and VP of the Bay Area Linux Users Group. LinuxCare is committed to the concept of open-source software.

Contact: LinuxCare, Inc., 6034 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94121, Phone: 888-546-4878, Fax: 415-831-9763, E-mail:, URL: