Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off.
Porting MS-DOS Graphics Applications

Thanks! Jawed Karimi's September 1998 LJ article (“Porting MS-DOS Graphics Applications”) on basic graphics got me going in the right direction with SVGALIB. (I am a Linux newcomer and had never heard of it before then.) Sometimes, short and sweet articles are the best.

—John E. McGovney compgraf@bellatlantic.net

Samba's Encrypted Password Article

I'd like to mention that I disagree with author John Blair regarding his article “Samba's Encrypted Password Support” in the December 1998 issue.

In the last paragraph, he states “Finally, to allow users to update their encrypted password, set the permissions on smbpasswd to be setuid root ..”.

This should not be necessary, since smbpasswd acts like an SMB client, asking over an SMB session to change a user's password. This is the reason you should include in smb.conf the “allow hosts = 127” line, or leave it blank.

I have also used pam_smb, which can be found on the main Samba FTP site, so that other services can authenticate with Samba. On my system, my users all have their passwords in /etc/shadow “starred” (*).

About the magazine, it's great!

—Celso Kopp Webber webber@sj.univali.rct-sc.br

Symbios Controllers and HP Scanjets

The “free” controller shipped with a lot of scanners is the Symbios 53C400A. It is not, as the writer of the reply (“Best of Technical Support”, January 1999) suggested, 53c8xx compatible but is instead a 5380 variant.

It is supported by current Linux 2.1.x series kernels, although its lack of an IRQ and 8-bit ISAness make it a good candidate for the bin, not a multiuser OS.

There is an equivalent patch for 2.0.x in the SANE mail archive.

—Alan Cox alan@terrorserver.swansea.linux.org.uk

Linux Journal Enterprise Solutions

I think the supplement is a very good idea-I very much enjoyed this special issue.

I would like the addition of a Table of Contents as in the regular issues. This would be helpful because I (and perhaps others) photocopy the Tables of Contents and put them in a three-ring binder, where they are easier to scan than the issues themselves.

Thanks for an excellent publication.

—Ray Liere lierer@cs.orst.edu

One of the weird rules of the Post Office is, if it has a table of contents, it cannot be called a supplement. Go figure —Editor


I just wanted to say “Thank you” to all at LJ who did such a great job presenting my article in February. The magazine keeps getting better and better.

By the way, my bio states that I maintain the “official” Linux Csound, but that is no longer true. As of late 1998 I have worked mainly with the development version available from Nicola Bernardini's site at AIMI. The official version is currently maintained at Bath by John Fitch.

Best of the New Year to all of you!

—Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net

Linux and Spouses

For years I've maintained a dual boot machine at home with both Windows 95 and Linux because my spouse didn't feel she could learn the intricacies of Linux. So, it was a great pleasure to see KDE chosen in your 1998 Reader's Choice poll. It was with KDE and StarOffice that I finally won her over to the good side.

The ease of a standard desktop which was more intuitive than Windows 9x has her singing its praises. I thought I would never see the day. It should be pointed out that a big turning point for her was the day she accidentally started three different StarOffice sessions and was amazed that the system didn't crash. It did take awhile for those monsters to load, but once they finished, she was back in business. Windows 9x would have died at this point.

Now all I need is to find a calendar program which comes close to Calendar Creator Plus and Windows 9x will just be a bad memory in our house. Maybe korganizer will fill the bill when it's completed.

—Randy Kyrk rkyrk@anet-chi.com